What to Sell (And Not Sell) at Yard Sales

What to Sell (And Not Sell) at Yard Sales

We all know that a yard sale can be a great way to make money. However, there are some items that sell better than others. There are also items that you won’t make as much money on if you sell them in yard sales, such as jewelry. Let’s take a closer look at what to sell (and not sell) at yard sales.

Sell Basic Clothing Pieces

Those old tee shirts you never wear, jeans that used to fit in high school, and all the baby clothing you need to finally let go of are great items for yard sales. These are items you want to unload and will be happy to make a bit of money on.

Don’t Sell Name Brand, Good Quality Clothing

If you have name brand clothing that is in excellent condition, don’t sell it in a yard sale. You simply won’t make a lot of money on it. Instead, list the pieces on Poshmark. Poshmark is a great place to sell clothing. Not only can you get what your pieces are worth, but you don’t even have to pay shipping fees. The company takes a small fee, but you’re more apt to get what you’re asking for.

Sell Books

If it’s time to thin your collection of books, a yard sale can be a great way to do it. You won’t get a lot of money, but you will get something. If someone who has the same taste in books happens to stop by, you may even be able to sell all your books to one person.

Don’t Sell Collectibles

If you have collectibles that you know are worth something, don’t try to sell them at a yard sale. People want to wheel and deal at yard sales. This means you’ll never get what the pieces are worth. Instead, consider selling the items on eBay.

Sell Furniture

No one wants to lug furniture farther than they have to. Yard sales can be a great place to sell the pieces so that you can make more room in your home. Just remember to price the items a bit higher than what you actually want. That way the buyer feels like they walked away with a good deal.

Don’t Sell Antiques

If you have antique furniture or other antiques, you never want to sell them in a yard sale. The reason is many people going to yard sales aren’t looking for antiques. They’re looking for a bargain. If you have antiques that are worth a lot of money, consider selling them through an auction house.

Sell Toys

Toys are another great item to unload at yard sales. Not only are you thinning your child’s collection of items they no longer play with, but you’re helping a family in need get inexpensive toys for their kids.

Don’t Sell Jewelry

Last, but not least, don’t attempt to sell jewelry at a yard sale. Sure, you can sell those pieces you picked up on the cheap, but don’t sell solid gold or diamond pieces at a yard sale. Gold is worth a lot of money. If the jewelry is ugly, consider finding a place where you can sell it for the cost of the gold. If the piece of worth more than the value of the gold, sell it through eBay.

Yard sales are a great place to make some money. However, some things won’t generate the amount they’re worth. Make sure you’re getting the most for your items by selling them at the right places.

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