What Is a Rain Check

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What Is a Rain Check

What Is A Rain Check?

A rain check is something stores offer when they are out of an item. Each store has their own type of form they offer them on. Many stores offer them but it’s not always the case and they can vary in terms. For example, at CVS when you get a rain check they never expire. But some stores have expirations on their items.

Terms of Rain Checks

When you get a rain check the store may ask you how many you want. There is usually a limit of how many items you can with a rain check. The local Weis here has a limit of 4 deals. So if they have pizzas on sale B1G1 that is one deal because you have to buy 2 to get the special. If they are out of pizzas and I get a rain check I can ask for 4 deals, or 16 pizzas. Often if there is a limit you can go back in the next day and get a rain check that day too.  Grocery stores tend to have an expiration date on their rain checks so be sure and note that.

The store will typically include the name of the product, the size and the sale price. CVS includes of there are any ExtraCare bucks attached to the deal and will print them for you when you buy the item later. If Target issues a rain check nothing attaches to it except the sale price. If there is a gift deal going on and they are out you only get the sale price not the gift card too.

How Do I Get A Rain Check?

You simply go to customer service and ask for one. Explain the item is out-of-stock. If it is a special sale they may not offer one.

Why Get A Rain Check?

If it’s a good sale it’s worth getting a rain check on as there may be coupons you can pair it with down the road. It doesn’t hurt to get one even if you don’t end up using it. If I have my pizza rain check and it’s for BOGO pizzas I  can watch for a good deal on the pizzas and use it then.

Using Your Rain Check

When you go to use your rain check you take your items to the checkout and show them your rain check before the scan in your items. They will adjust the price or whatever they need to do. You go home with you sale items. It’s as simple as that!

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