WE ARE BACK ONLINE! Hi! My Name is Alea!

WE ARE BACK ONLINE! Hi! My Name is Alea!

Hey guys!! As a ton of you noticed, The ELCDeals Website has been down for a few days 🙁 We were having some serious server issues! We want to give a HUGE thanks to Laura from SaveThisWay.com for helping bring some awesome deals to you guys in our absence! Make sure you go follow her on Facebook, her deals are always ON FIRE!

I spent my downtime hanging out with my two messy love bugs while our awesome Tech Support worked to get us back online! For all the new followers that were probably wondering what the heck was up, I thought I would come back fresh and re-introduce you all to me, my family and my mission! If you’re new and wanted to read about that, click the box below to read more!

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WE ARE BACK ONLINE! Hi! My Name is Alea!

My two boys – Little Billy IV is 6 years old and Jason turned 2 on the 13th! I have no idea where the time has gone 🙁


WE ARE BACK ONLINE! Hi! My Name is Alea!

Me and my amazing Husband Billy


WE ARE BACK ONLINE! Hi! My Name is Alea!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week, it’s definitely been a RIDE!

My name is Alea! I started this website at the end of 2014 as a first time mom and a third generation couponer. When I say couponing is in my blood.. i’m not joking! My mom used to use coupons to teach me how to add before I was in school! As I started meeting other new moms in my area, I was shocked to realize SO many people were paying a FORTUNE on the exact same items I was getting for CHEAP! Most of them said the same thing.. they NEEDED to learn how to save more money, but everywhere they turned to learn they ran into the Coupon Bullies.. People who made them embarrassed to ask questions, or ask for help!

WE ARE BACK ONLINE! Hi! My Name is Alea!

Our AWESOME Facebook admins: Kathy, Ashley and Gina joined a very pregnant Alea at the 2016 Couponers Convention!

I started EveryoneLovesCouponing.com and it’s Facebook Group, as a place where people I could teach people how to save, in a newbie friendly, bully free, SAFE environment!  We started with less than 200 members! Never in a million years did I imagine only five years later we would have a combined total of over 500k followers and 19 different Facebook groups! We have been SO lucky to meet you all and a

And here we are in 2019! We’re already halfway through this year (ahh!) and we’ve got some amazing projects planned! We’re constantly working on ways to make ELC even better so that we can help you get the best deal shopping experience possible. 🙌 We’re looking forward to another five years of meeting new people and helping you all save a ton of money on EVERYTHING in your life!

Ongoing Changes at ELCDeals:

As many of you have probably noticed, in the last year we’ve been posting a lot more online deals and a lot less coupon deals. We’ll always be Couponers at heart, and we’re not quitting that any time soon! With all the changes to the couponing game in the last couple of years, HUGE coupon savings is still totally possible, but ALOT harder than it used to be. We’ve heard feedback from an overwhelming amount of you, members who are getting most of their best deals online on stuff you just can’t get couponing! So while we’ll still be posting the hottest in store coupon deals every week for you, the last year we’ve been and will continue to be shifting our focus to help you save more on EVERYTHING in your life, whether its a NEED or a WANT. Getting cheap shampoo and toilet paper is a important, but saving a ton on the furniture for your kid’s dorm room, the new kitchen set you NEED, the new shoes you know your kids will grow out of in a couple months… that is equally important to saving the MOST in life! So if that’s the kind of deals you’re looking for, stay tuned!

Sneak Peak of Upcoming Events and Ongoing Changes:

  • Black Friday in JULY & Amazon Prime Day!
  • TONS of giveaways for you guys!
  • A long requested, long awaited VIDEO series for all the visual learners! We’ll be “Vloging” about EVERYTHING you need to save money, from learning how to coupon to saving the most online!

To ALL Our New Followers:

We KNOW you have busy lives, and that deals are hard to keep up with! That’s why we have a TON of ways for you to get the deals you want, HOW you want them!

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Hey Everyone! My name is Alea, and I'm the owner of Everyone Loves Couponing! I started this site to help people learn how to save a TON of money and 3 years later, we're still going strong! Looking forward to helping YOU save a ton of money as well!

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