Ways to Save on Meat!

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Ways to Save on Meat!  Ways to Save on Meat

It can be hard to go grocery shopping and think about what you used to pay for meat. Sadly, the price of meat keeps going up. Depending on where you live, you could be spending $6 or more for a pound of chicken breasts. Don’t get discouraged. There are ways to save on meat that will allow you to get the meat you want at a price you can afford.

Shop the Sales

First things first. You always want to shop the sales. Check the websites of your favorite stores and see what’s on sale. Carefully compare the prices so that you get the best price possible. For example, one store may have chicken breast for $2.28 a pound, but another store may have it for $1.99 a pound. One store may also have ground beef, while another store has chicken on sale. To get the best prices, you do have to shop at a variety of stores.

Check Your Coupons

Believe it or not, you can sometimes find coupons that allow you to save on meat. It might be spend $10 on pasta sauce and save $5 on meat. This is just an example. However, if you get $5 of meat, you’re coming home with free meat for the week! If you ever find these coupons, make sure to buy several papers and take advantage of this deal.

Look for Discounted Meat

A lot of people are turned off by this idea. Discounted meat isn’t bad meat – it’s just meat that is close to the expiration date. Usually, the date is at least three days away. If you’re going to cook the meat that night, or freeze it, this is an excellent deal. You can often find higher quality cuts of meat at a good price when you buy it this way. If you don’t see anything out, ask the butcher if there’s anything he’s packaging up in the back.

Stock Up on Good Deals

When you do find a good sale or discounted meat, stock up. You can freeze meat for later use and this allows you to always have the meat you want to eat without having to spend a lot of money. It pays to invest in a food sealer that will allow you to get out all the air so that your frozen foods last longer.

Serve Meals That Require Less Meat

Another great tip is to simply use less meat in your meals. For example, if you serve a salad, you can get away with cooking one large steak or chicken breast for a family of four. Just load the salad up with vegetables and toppings and add the thinly sliced meat to the top.

Add One Meat-Free Meal to Your Menu Each Week

Last, but not least, adding one meat-free meal to your menu each week can help you cut down on the cost of meat. You can make a pasta dish, soup, bean and cheese burritos, etc. There are so many meat-free meal options.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on meat. There are so many easy things you can do to save money. Whether you stock up on a good sale or cook recipes that require less meat, there are ways to save money on meat.

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