3rd Annual ULTIMATE Coupon Binder Giveaway – INCLUDES a MONTH of FREE INSERTS!!

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3rd Annual ULTIMATE Coupon Binder Giveaway - INCLUDES a MONTH of FREE INSERTS!!

If you’re just starting out, or a Coupon Pro just looking to switch it up a bit.. This giveaway is for YOU! There’s a ton of ways to earn entries, including two daily entries!

Daily Entries:

  1. Use the “Tweet a message” option daily for extra entries
  2. Make sure to keep an eye on the Blog/Page/Groups every day! Each day i’ll post a “Bonus” word that you can enter below to get additional entries as well!

What you get if you win this:

  • LARGE 3 Ring Binder with Zipper and Shoulder Strap! See the Binder HERE!
  • Coupon sleeves specifically for coupons
  • A pair of nice scissors
  • A calculator
  • A pencil pouch to hold the tools
  • Couponing 101 packet
  • Lingo cheat sheet
  • Personalized notebook
  • 3 Coupon Policy print outs, Winner’s choice of stores
  •  Full month worth of coupon inserts, 4 sets a week!

Enter below!! Good LUCK!

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3rd Annual ULTIMATE Coupon Binder Giveaway - INCLUDES a MONTH of FREE INSERTS!!

Helpful Links: Beginners Guide – Coupon Database – Print FREE Coupons – Weekly Matchups

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Sharing is Caring!

397 thoughts on “3rd Annual ULTIMATE Coupon Binder Giveaway – INCLUDES a MONTH of FREE INSERTS!!

  1. That would be awesome. My post it notes, notebook and folders don’t work as well anymore. Been meaning to update just never have the time or one of the kids is always crying or doing something he’s not supposed to

  2. This is a great idea to help out new couponers. I’m just starting to do couponing and love all of the tips and advice given here. Organization is probably one of the first steps to being more successful. I would love a binder like this!

  3. I have been trying to organize my coupons as I’m fairly new to this project and I miss out on deals because I lose coupons. This would be so helpful for a mom of 7.

  4. You have no idea how much I need this. I am trying to get back into couponing after several years away from doing it regularly. We are struggling. I need to cut corners wherever I can and this would be so helpful.

  5. I would like to win because I have only been printing a few coupons here and there. I know how much money I am wasting. Need to get re-energized. Thank you

  6. I am trying to get a grip on this couponing thing but it can be sooooo overwhelming! I just follow step-by-step what others tell me to do because I just can’t wrap my head around it myself. If something doesn’t add up it can mess me up for weeks!! I hope this will help keep my brain organized as well as my coupons!!

  7. Coupon binder is a must. I have lost out on lot of opportunities to save because I didn’t have one. Using the ‘Everyone Loves Couponing’ site helps me with a lot of tips and links to other informative sites. Thank you.

  8. I would love to win the binder to help me keep my coupons organized so I will quit forgetting what I have!

  9. Can’t wait to enter!!.. I wld love to win this.. I am new but did a small haul yesterday .. got 8 zest bars for 57 cents, got wet and wild eye shadow they paid me 25 cents, dial soap for kids for 10 cents and they paid me 10 cents for febreze.. so I am slowly learning.. thanks for all u do it really does help us out a ton!!

  10. I was into couponing and then stopped 😫 winning this would help me get started up again 😁 thanks

  11. I would like to win this fabulous Ultimate Coupon Binder so that I can get organized and start couponing like I used to. This giveaway is so wonderful!

  12. I soooooo need this! I don’t have my old binder and my coupons have gotten so unorganized. It would be so great to win this! Love the deals you bring us BTW!

  13. i just started couponing with all of this groups helpo, it is amazing and very helpful. i would love the binder do i can be more prepared and get better at couponing. i love all the tutorials and scenarios i have been able to duplicate. love this group. none like it !!!!!!!!!

  14. I have only been couponing for a few months now. I ordered a coupon “organizer”, which is basically a giant wallet. It’s supposed to clip to my grocery cart, but it is so heavy, it falls and spills. I always block the store aisles sifting through my coupons…I am so envious of those with their binders! This would be awesome to have (and would save my sanity!)

  15. no matter what i do, i end up being so disorganized with my coupons, maybe this binder would put an end to that lol

  16. This binder would help me so much! Every since losing my mom in March I haven’t really couponed or done anything honestly and it has cost us so much money. Couponing truly saves my family! Especially since we are welcoming baby 4 in July. 💜💝

  17. Thanks for all you do. This is my daily go to site. i have learned so much in a short period of time. I have learned how to read and understand coupons, store policies and save money with daily deals posts. Now if I could onlgy keep my coupons organized I will feel less stressed. Thanks for the opportunity to win in the binder give away. I give you and this group 5 stars!!!

  18. hello
    thanks for the chance to win. I want to win cause the method I have of opposing keeping is not convinent, and I end up missing good deals cause I just didnt know had the q’s for it. I would be beside myself if I won.

    thank s again for all you do
    Jennifer swan Wilson

  19. THanks for all that you do. I would love to win this. I couponed for just a bit.. But got sick and stopped. I am now ready to get back into it. This would kick start my habit. I love all your facebook pages.

  20. This would help me so much with keeping my coupons organized! Everytime I go to the store I have them piled up and I keep dropping them everywhere, this binder would save my life.

  21. I would love to win this binder! As a newbie couponer this would be an AWESOME start to a wonderful journey of couponing!

  22. I always seem to have the coupons in the store and then it slips from my hand when I am ready to purchase something, so I would need the Coupon sleeves specifically for coupons to place my coupons neatly inside to stay organized and say no to blown away coupons.

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