Tips to Help You Garden on a Budget

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Tips to Help You Garden on a Budget

Tips to Help You Garden on a Budget

We all know that gardening can save us money on our grocery bill. However, there are ways to keep the costs of gardening low. Whether you choose high yield varieties or start with seeds, these tips will help you garden on a budget.

  1. Choose High Yield Varieties

You want your garden to be filled with fruits and vegetables that will give you a lot per plant. Examples include tomatoes, watermelon, and squash. While you can plant anything you want, these high yield plants will allow you to get the most from your garden. If you don’t have a lot of space to garden in, these plants are a must.

  1. Start with Seeds

It can be easier to start with small plants, but when you start with seeds, you are paying literally pennies per plant. The key is to choose good quality seeds. Don’t fall for those $0.20 packs of seeds at your local dollar store. These seeds are sometimes old and will not be as successful. If possible, buy heirloom seeds. At the end of the season, make sure to save seeds for next year’s garden.

  1. Water Early in the Morning

One way to save money that people never think of is to water your plants early in the morning. When you water your plants later in the day, you risk the water evaporating from the heat before it reaches the plant’s roots. Not only does watering in the morning save water, but it can also save your plants.

  1. Feed Your Plants

Your plants can’t thrive on sunshine and water alone. Invest in a good plant food that is made for fruits and vegetables. When you feed your plants, they will produce an even better yield with bigger fruits and vegetables.

  1. Protect Your Garden

Last, but not least, you need to do protect your garden from pests. You can choose a number of natural methods. For example, you can buy fake snakes and owls to place in your garden to deter birds and small mammals. You can also place a saucer of beer in your garden to steer slugs away from your plants. If you want to deter bugs, you can spray hot sauce onto your plants, which will also help keep dogs and cats out of your garden. These natural methods allow you to keep your plants safe without the use of pesticides.

A garden can be a great way for you to save money on your grocery bill. However, you can do things that will help you save even more money. Whether it’s feeding your plants to get better results or protecting your garden, you can have a successful, budget-friendly garden.


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