Tips for Saving BIG at Dollar General!

Tips for Saving BIG at Dollar General!

Dollar General can be a fantastic place to shop once you know what you are doing. They have special clearance days, are fairly cheap to begin with and get in store instant saving specials. This means big savings for savvy shoppers! Check out these tips for saving big at DG.

Use Your Manufacturer Coupons

You can use both newspaper and internet printable coupons at Dollar General. Their policy is pretty easy to work with but there are a few things you do need to know.

  • They don’t accept coupons for free items.
  • They do accept BOGO coupons.
  • If the coupon is higher than the price of the item it will usually get kicked out by the register. Some stores will adjust down for this and some won’t.
  • They have digital coupons on their site you can add to your account.
  • Many of the digital coupons are manufacturer coupons so you can’t stack with a paper coupon.

Take Advantage of Store Coupons

Some of the digital coupons are store coupons and they often have a $5/$25 you can print. These will be on the DG website and you can stack these with a manufacturer coupon.

$5/25 Purchase Coupon Means BIG Savings

One of the most popular coupons that Dollar General offers is the $5/$25 purchase. This is usually for Saturdays only. You can find and add them digitally, print them or they can be at the bottom of your receipt. Always give these first before other coupons. There is a limit of one per transaction but you can do multiple transactions.

Watch For Tear Pads & Peelies

Lots of Dollar General store have great tearpads with coupons throughout the store. Plus keep your eyes peeled for “peelies”. These are coupons that are attached to the product.

Clearance Can Mean Scoring Big!

Most DG stores have a clearance aisle. Check it each time you go in. Even though these items are on clearance you can still use coupons on them. Dollar General even has special clearance events where they take 50% off the clearance price. The hauls from these events can be amazing. Take note though – some of the items in the clearance aisle are simply being discontinued so are not marked down at all. So make sure you are truly getting a good deal before buying. Seasonal clearance sales can mean items for as low as $0.10 each. It’s a great way to get a good deal on clothing too.

Check Out The $1 Aisle

This is a nice way to get some great freebies! The $1 aisle has both name brand products and Dollar General brand items. Many of the name brand ones are things you can use a coupon on. Lots of freebies or super cheap items can be found here.

Instant Savings

Many times, you will find instant savings deals on specific products at Dollar General. It will be something like Buy $8 in Suave products save $2 instantly. This will come off automatically at the register and you can use coupons with them.

 Look Over The Weekly Ad

All the specials, BOGO sales and instant saving deals will be listed in the Weekly ad. If you don’t get a paper you can view it online.

Stay Up To Date

There are several ways you can stay in the know. DG has a Facebook page you can like, an app you can download and they even have mobile alerts which means more coupons.

We have a large Dollar General Deals Group on Facebook full people asking and answering questions, sharing hauls and more!

If you’d rather just get the deals and not the community, join our Dollar General Deals mailing list and get one email every day with all the deals from that day!


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