Tips for Finding a Job this Holiday Season


With the holidays quickly approaching, money becomes a concern for many families. Making sure there is extra money for the holidays is important, so some set out in search for a job over the holiday season.

Extra money is always needed for presents, dinners, and helping others this holiday season. However, finding a job this holiday season might prove to be a challenge for some. Keep these tips in mind as you hunt for the perfect job this holiday season.

#1. Make a List

Before you start applying for just any job this holiday season, keep in mind what type of job you want.

Do you want to work in retail? Perhaps a restaurant? This list will become very important as you look for a job for the holiday season.

#2. Check out the Perks

A lot of times, retailers will offer their seasonal employees a discount or another perk of some sort.

Check into what the perks are before you apply with a company. You may find that you want to work with a specific company based on the perks alone.

#3. Ask Friends Who is Hiring

A quick minute talking to a friend can land you the perfect seasonal job. If you are responsible and have a good track record, knowing someone who works within the company, may help you land the job sooner. This is because companies love referrals from good employees.

#4. Look for Opportunities

You won’t see all companies that are hiring for the holiday season advertising that they’re doing so. You may need to walk around the malls or drive around town looking for opportunities open for the holidays. You may be surprised what you come upon whenever you actively search for seasonal jobs.

#5. Polish Up Your Resume

Even seasonal positions require professionalism. Make sure you polish up your resume to ensure you can land that perfect seasonal holiday position. A job is still a job, whether it’s for 5 weeks or for life.

Showing professionalism is very important when looking for a job this holiday season.

#6. Look & Act Professional

First impressions are everything, even when looking for a holiday position. A major tip for finding a job this holiday season is to look and act professional. Try to dress as professional as you can when you head to job interviews and make sure to act professional when asked questions. Always think through what you are going to say, before you say it.

Landing a job this holiday season is truly simple as long as you’re willing to follow basic tips. Another good tip to keep in mind is to keep your availability open. During the holidays, stores are open longer hours and an open availability may help you to land the optimal job.

#7. Check Back

This is probably one of the more important parts that not alot of people do. Hand your application to someone important.. Shake hands, make eye contact AND check back. Call or go in, ask to speak to the same person. Make yourself known. Go in multiple times.. in other words, BUG them.


Do you have any tips for finding a job this holiday season?