Surprising Ways You’re Wasting Money!

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Surprising Ways You're Wasting Money!

Surprising Ways You’re Wasting Money

We all know the most obvious ways we’re wasting money. It might be a daily coffee from the coffee shop or an expensive TV package. The tricky thing is the ways you’re wasting money without even realizing it. How can you make changes if you don’t know about these things? Let’s take a closer look at the surprising ways you’re wasting money.

  1. Paying Debt

You may not think much about the items you put on your credit card. However, the interest you’re paying could be wasting you a lot of money each month. If you have a credit card with high interest rates, you could be spending hundreds to thousands of dollars over the cost of items you purchased. Avoid using credit cards unless you have a 0% interest card or pay off your balance each month.

  1. Subscription Services

Magazines, unlimited movie streaming, video game rentals – there are so many services we sign up for and stop using. Yet, we never cancel the subscriptions. While $10 here and there may not seem like much, you could be wasting $120 a year or more on each service. Look at each service you’re paying for each month and cancel anything you’re not using.

  1. Shopping on an Empty Stomach

It’s funny how everything looks good when you shop for groceries on an empty stomach. However, once you get home, you may wonder why you bought some of the items. Never shop on an empty stomach. Eat one to two hours before shopping and stick to your list.

  1. Buying Cheap

Believe it or not, buying cheap could be costing you a lot of money. Not only could you waste money when buying a cheap dryer that breaks down two years later, but you could be wasting money on cheap cleaning products. Be careful about what you buy. You want to buy quality items so you don’t have to keep buying more.

  1. Using Debit Cards

Debit cards are so convenient. Unfortunately, when we use our debit cards, we’re less conscious about the amount of money spent. If you want to really pay attention, pay with cash. You’re not only more likely to stick to your budget, but you may not have a choice if you only take a certain amount of cash with you.

  1. Being Lured in by Sales

Another way you may be wasting money is to jump at sale items. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you need it. An old saying says that you can actually go broke saving money and it’s true. Only buy sale items if they’re something you need and use.

  1. Missing Out on Freebies

Last, but not least, why buy what you can get for free? You can watch TV shows and movies for free online and you can download free books from Amazon. There are so many things you can do for free that you may be paying for. Look online for free options.

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Whether it’s the way you pay for your purchases or those sale items you buy, there are surprising ways you’re wasting money. Before you open your wallet, stop and think about how the purchase will affect your finances.


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