Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenaged Girls

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenaged Girls  Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenaged Girls

They can be moody, a tad selfish and generally speaking, hard to buy for.  One moment she seems like a child and then next, well on her way to adulthood, she is what we call THE TEENAGER.  Nothing can be more challenging either to a parent, or a relative than gifting items to a teenager, especially a girl.  Beyond gifts, the stocking that has for years been stuffed with cute little trinkets can become a bain of existence for the well-meaning shopper, what in the world do you put in there?  You have come to the right place, fear not, here are some GREAT stocking stuffer ideas for that teenaged girl.

Cute socks

If they are mismatched (yes they are sold that way) all the better.  This is a form of expression that often teens really do get in on.  The best part is these can be found at your local dollar tree…SCORE!

King Sized Candy Bars

Who doesn’t love chocolate or M & M’s for that matter?  All you need to do now is super sleuth to find out the favorite category.

Colorful Sharpies

You might find the ladies coloring on their shoes, blank T-shirts or the covers of their school binders.  Colorful Sharpie packs are the “in” thing.

Patterned Washi tape

You can find this at most craft stores and young ladies love to decorate with it much like duct tape but smaller and with cuter patterns.

Magic Gloves

These are the little knit gloves that look tiny but somehow fit all sizes.  They also make them with touch screen friendly fingers and thumbs (a must for the texting teen).

Electric toothbrushes

Even adults love these things, there is just something cool about having an electric toothbrush!

Phone Car Charger

These are cheap (check your local Dollar General) but unfortunately they are also made cheaply which means they often need to be replaced, just pick one up so she is all set for the next time one breaks.

Hair bands

I don’t know how, but every girl will tell you these things seem to disappear, you can never have too many of them. Just the simple black ones or multi-color if you are feeling sassy, no frill or lace though, that would be considered childish by some.

Funky shoe laces

The girls love to express themselves, what better way than with cool shoe laces.

A cactus with a name

Yes, you read that right.  An indoor plant like a cactus or succulent that requires very little, go on and give it a name, it’s like a pet, right?


They always seem to break so you need extras.


If you haven’t seen this stuff it is almost always in the checkout lane of any grocery or drug store and is in a perfectly round container…it’s chapstick with a twist.


Assorted flavors, varieties, and types of gum are sure to make any girl happy.

Any one of these items should make her smile, a few of them and you will be getting the gift giver of the year award, just keep in mind that she is still finding herself and with it, her tastes will oft be changing.

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