SAVE THE DATE! Oxi Clean ONLY 95¢ at Family Dollar! *NO PAPER COUPONS*

We have an awesome sale on Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent or Paks starting 2/19 at Family Dollar, and it will have a nice Smart Digital Coupon to pair with it for a great deal! GET READY!

Your Deal:

Buy 1 Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent or Paks $3.95
Use one $3/1 Oxi Clean Smart Digital Coupon {Coming 2/19)
Final Price: $.95!

Deal Valid: 2/19-2/25

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44 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATE! Oxi Clean ONLY 95¢ at Family Dollar! *NO PAPER COUPONS*”

    1. Tried this recently… new to Couponing. ALL with oxi is my favorite but getting all these laundry deals I can’t pass up.
      Anyway, tried it recently… Smells so good and I love it!

      Here’s a laundry tip to use…

      •Always add white vinegar 1/4 to 1 cup or more…. depending on size of load and how smelly and dirty….
      *White vinegar keeps any clothes from fading and or color bleeding
      *Kills odors
      *Kills bacteria and germs
      *A must use with every load
      **Great for mixed loads (Jeans with socks, reds, etc… stops color bleeding)

      •Always add in baking soda in each load along with vinegar and your detergent
      *Baking soda is a odor remover
      *Helps soften the water and clothes

      I always add Baking soda and vinegar to my wash loads.

      My washer is a energy efficient top load. I’ve learned to use the blanket setting so it actually fills with water. However, it is a …. add clothes first, close lid, then it begins filling with water type of machine. Shuts off anytime lid is opened……. so I pour the vinegar directly onto my clothes more on the side, and dump my baking soda on top of the clothes. Add in a few softener dots and close the lid. (My machine has a place to pour in the detergent and the liquid fabric softener).

      In my liquid fabric softener, I use lavender scented liquid pinesol then top it off with liquid fabric softener to extend the use of my liquid fabric softener.

      I throw in my 2 sheets of dryer sheets in the dryer … my clothes are soft and smell awesome when dried!

      •Stinky dog bedding… throw up… sour clothes… add in extra vinegar and baking soda! And wash like normal. May have to wash twice if smells are extremely bad. But it will kill the smells and soften the clothes! You’ll love your clothes! Super soft!

      I wish Bounce would bring back the midnight scent dryer sheets. It was the best! I miss it!

    1. I used paper and Digital for the gain. Everything else was digital. Here’s the breakdown…. Gain was in sale for 4.95. toothpaste was 2/3.00 not pictured is a ten pack of dial soap on sale for 3.00. . The tissue was not suppose to be in the pic…sorry. so….. I used two 2.00 off gain( one digital and one paper) I also had a paper coupon for 5.00 off the gain products… .50 off Colgate toothpaste and two off persil… both digital….and 1.00 off the dial soap…. For a grand total of 19.45..

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