Money Management Tips for College Freshman

Money Management Tips for College Freshman

Money Management Tips for College Freshman

You’ve finally made it to college. You’ve got a sense of freedom and you can’t wait to explore all your options. With that said, you need to be really careful with how much money you’re spending. While it can be fun to have pizza with the girls on Friday nights, you want to be careful how much money you spend on other things. Let’s take a closer look at money management tips for college freshman.

Choose a Meal Plan That Works for You

First things first. Don’t jump on the most expensive meal plan if you don’t eat a lot. Look at the meal plans closely and choose one that works best for you. There are several options and you shouldn’t pay for a plan that you’re not going to utilize.

Skip the Snack Machines

College snack machines are greatly overpriced. Instead, go to your local discount department store, such as Walmart, and either buy snack packs or get zip top bags to make your own. You can also save so much money buying bottled drinks at the store. You can get a small dorm fridge for your room and containers to slide under your bed to hold your snacks.

Outfit Your Dorm for Cooking

Most colleges don’t allow hotplates or other cooking appliances that could set the room on fire. However, many will allow you to have a microwave. Cooking meals in your dorm room can be so much more affordable than a meal plan. If you go to a warehouse store, such as Sam’s, you can even stock up at a really cheap price.

Buy Supplies Off Campus

Your campus bookstore may have everything you need, but you will pay so much more for it. Instead, take a trip off campus and buy your supplies at a local dollar store, Kmart, or even an office supply store. You’ll pay much less than if you purchased the supplies online. Ordering online can also be cheaper.

Work on Campus

Last, but not least, if you need to take on a job, look into work study options. These jobs don’t pay much, but they do allow you to work on the campus and work hours around your schedule. There are even opportunities to work as a tutor. Look at all your options.

Independence can be great, but if you want to master financial independence, you need to work to manage your money. Whether you are careful about what you spend on food or choose a job on campus, you can manage your money as a college freshman.

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