Inexpensive Summer Activities For The Family

Inexpensive Summer Activities For The Family


It’s Summertime! This means the kids will soon be asking to do this or that to help beat summer boredom. While many activities can be expensive, there are inexpensive summer activities for the family. Whether your family loves to play sports or watch movies, there are things they can do together that won’t break the bank.

Go on a Picnic


A picnic is always a great way to spend a summer afternoon. All you need to do is pack up a quick meal and head to the local park or drive out into the country. There are so many great places to have a picnic. You could even have a picnic near to where daddy works so that he can enjoy a quick bite with the family on a workday.


Play Sports


There are so many great sports you can play during the summer months. If you have a pool, you can even play water sports. You can find expensive sports equipment in thrift stores or, if you have small kids, at your local Dollar Tree.


Drive to the Pool, Lake, or Beach


Don’t have a pool? No problem. Most cities have a public pool. This can be a great way to beat the heat. You could also drive to a nearby lake or the beach. Just pack a cooler, bring the sunscreen, and be ready to have some fun in the sun.


Do Crafts


Crafts are another excellent way to beat the heat this summer. There are even projects that allow the manliest of dads to get involved. Any project that requires cutting wood or spray painting something is great. You can find so many inexpensive craft supplies at the Dollar Tree.


Head to the Library


Does your family love to read? Head to your local library. It’s a great way to discover new books and new authors. You can also usually rent movies for free or very inexpensively. If you have small children, check to see if your local library has story time or other children’s programs.


Have a Movie Marathon


Last, but not least, if you family loves to watch movies, have a movie marathon at home. This is obviously much cheaper than going to the movies. You can rent a few movies or you could find new movies to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can find boxes of movie theater candy at Walmart for $0.97 along with popcorn, soda, and any other snacks you might want to make your movie marathon complete.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun with the family this summer. There are so many inexpensive things you can do that your family will love.

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