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If you haven’t signed up for Ibotta, the number one Couponer’s Rebate App, NOW is the time! Ibotta is celebrating their birthday by offering up HUGE bonuses to new members!

Here’s the deal:

  • If you are not currently using Ibotta, sign up here today!
  • New Users will earn an additional $10 BONUS When you redeem your first offer (Doesn’t matter the value of the rebate!!)
  • ON TOP OF THAT, Ibotta is offering a BONUS opportunity for some of it’s users (New and Old!)…you can score an additional $5 When you redeem ANY FIVE offers (Any brand offers excluded) or $10 when you redeem any 10 offers (Offers seem to be varying by account)
  • That means that ANY user can purchase 5 of the items listed in the offers, and get back your normal rebates AND $5 Birthday Bonus for purchasing 5 items! If you’re new to Ibotta and you redeem 5 rebates, you’ll get back your rebate money PLUS AN EXTRA $15!! wahoo!!
  • Tip: this amount may vary for some users…check your app for more information. Some people are reporting they had an offer for 5 items, some had an offer for 10 items!

This deal is only valid until 10/8, so you’ll want to get started ASAP! We’ll be finding some awesome scenarios to pair up with this in the next two days to help you figure out a deal to do, so bookmark this post! We’ll edit it with scenarios we find them!

If you’re already a member of Ibotta, share your opinions with others in the comments!

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