HUGE List of Our Favorite & Legit Survey Sites that REALLY Pay!!

Huge List Of Tried and True Survey Sites ELC

About 8 years ago I began to take surveys online as a means to make a few dollars that I could call my own. Believe it or not, it turns out I actually really enjoy taking surveys. I feel like it’s the easiest possible money I can earn with the least amount of effort. I love the fact that I can sit in front of my T.V. while my husband watches shows that really don’t interest

There are literally TONS of Paid Survey Panels out there but if your looking for ones that will pay you actual cash you need to check out the list below.  Taking surveys is quick and easy and you are under no obligation so you can take them only when you feel like it.

Pro Tip: If you want to make a substantial amount of extra money doing paid surveys, it is best to sign up with multiple survey sites so you’ll get the maximum amount of paid survey invitations in your email. I would recommend opening a separate email for registering to keep your survey invites separate from your regular email.

Our Favorites:

1. E-Poll Survey – (rated A+ with BBB) E-Poll is a paid survey site where members can earn points for taking surveys, creating polls, and referring friends. This site is great for teens 13 and up to earn a little side cash. The great thing I like about E-poll is, you will qualify for every survey you attempt, so no time is wasted. Points are redeemable for cash (Paypal), gift cards and prizes.

2. Global Test Market – An older and more established panel that pays up to $10 per survey!


3. Harris Poll Online – (rated A- with BBB) Owned by Nielsen, this survey company is a MUST DO! They’re known for sending out surveys, prepaid with CASH! Simply fill out the survey and mail it back in to get ANOTHER envelope with CASH and a survey! If you’re lucky you’ll also get invited into one of their high paying focus groups, which give around $50 for your time.

4. Ipsos i-Say – I-Say is a popular destination for millions of survey takers, because of its frequent invites. They pay an average of $1, but usually only take 10 minutes or less to complete PLUS many receive an invitation to a focus group, product test, or webcam survey, when you complete a regular survey.

5. VIP Voice – This one has been on FIRE lately with their Household Surveys! We’re hearing of another member being offered one every couple of days! Make sure you confirm your email and complete your profile when you join!


7. Pinecone Research – (rated #2 on Survey Police) Pays $3 Per Survey and sends Payments within 24 hours – Pinecone is notoriously popular with its 6 million members for its super fast payments within a day or so of completing each offer.

8. National Consumers Panel (NCP) – Membership comes with a FREE scanner.. scan your groceries – Earn Money. It’s that simple, and VERY popular! If you apply and don’t get accepted, try again at the beginning of the month the most spots are available!


9. MindsPay – This panel is great if you like to review products and services you currently use. They will also mail you free products to try and review! Bonus: When you signup, you’ll gain exclusive access to money saving offers and promotions as well.

Other Popular Companies:

10. Panda Research

11. MySurvey 

12. Vindale


Earn Gift Cards:

1. InstaGC – My favorite thing about InstaGC is that when you cash out you get paid INSTANTLY, you have no waiting period – your gift card code will load on the screen instantly and be ready to use. When I want to do that last minute or spur of the moment shopping, it’s my go to site to shave some money of my total.

2. Swagbucks – POPULAR! This one has been around for a while – Get paid to print coupons, so searches, watch TV + More!

3. EarningStation – Ways to earn include: Searching the Web, Taking short surveys, Shop Online, Watch Videos & Play Games

If you put in a few minutes per day, it could equal NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! Don’t you just love FREE money!! Happy Earning


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  1. Definitely try these ladies. I can honestly tell you that pinecone research is true to its word. You get 3 dollars a survey and they send reminders daily to fill out the survey that they send you ☺

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