How to Stay on Budget While Decorating for Christmas

How to Stay on Budget While Decorating for Christmas

Isn’t it fun to decorate your home for Christmas? There are so many different color schemes you can use, so many different themes you can try out! Unfortunately, Christmas decorating tends to be costly. Many people every year go way overbudget buying wreaths, inflatable Santas, and other festive Christmas decor. If you don’t want to spend too much this year, look at these tips on How to Stay on Budget While Decorating for Christmas!

How to Stay on Budget While Decorating for Christmas

1. Reuse

An excellent way to stay on budget while decorating for Christmas is to reuse what you already own! Likely 90% of what you used last year is still in good condition and can be used again this year. If you want a fresh look this year, consider simply arranging things differently. Put wreaths on different doors than last year, and put some bookcase decor on the mantel, and vice versa.

2. Shop the Sales

The best Christmas sales actually happen after Christmas, but many happen before Christmas, too! Watch your favorite deal sites and local circulars so you’ll be ready when a great sale starts or a coupon becomes available!

3. Use the Dollar Stores

You’d be surprised how many wonderful Christmas decor items you can find at the dollar stores! Some you can use as they are, and others will need some paint or other DIY work to make them perfect. But if you want to stay on budget while decorating for Christmas, you’ve definitely got to look at the dollar stores!

4. Don’t Decorate Everywhere

If you’re trying to decorate every room of your house for Christmas, you’ll be spending a lot of money! To stay on budget, you should try to limit your decorating efforts to a few main areas. Decorate outside, your entryway, and whatever room the Christmas tree will be in. If you have any money left in your budget, then you can add a Christmas piece or two to the kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

5. DIY Some Decor

Christmas crafts are often easy to do, and very inexpensive! All you usually need is a hot glue gun and a few inexpensive materials. Sometimes you can even upcycle something you already have, like old wine bottles, and make some unique Christmas decor! If you have kids, making DIY Christmas decor with them is a fun way to spend some time together this holiday season. And it’s a great way to stay on budget while decorating for Christmas!

6. Be Creative

If you’re trying to keep your Christmas expenses down, then you’re going to have to be creative with your decor! Maybe there’s something you can find that’s inexpensive, but not necessarily being sold as “decor” that you can use? A great example is Christmas plates! Pretty Christmas dinner plates can be repurposed into delightful Christmas wall art by simply being hung on the wall! And inexpensive Christmas blankets can be turned into Christmas pillows with just a little sewing!

Do you usually stay on budget while decorating for Christmas?