How to Save Money on Dairy Products!

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How to Save Money on Dairy Products!

For most families, dairy products are an essential part of their daily diet. That’s not a bad thing, as many dairy products contain healthy nutrients. But if you’re eating a lot of dairy all the time, you’ll likely see it in your grocery bills. If you love dairy, but don’t like how much it costs, take a look at these 7 tips on How to Save Money on Dairy Products!

How to Save Money on Dairy Products

1. Freeze Your Dairy Products

Did you know that you can freeze a lot of dairy products? You can freeze milk, cheeses, sour cream, cream cheese, and more. Just be aware that with some dairy products, like cream cheese, the texture may change somewhat once thawed. For those products, just keep them to use in baking and other uses where the change won’t be that noticeable.

2. Buy in Bulk

Often you can save by making purchases in bulk, and dairy products are no exception. The next time your grocery store has a good sale, or you find dairy products at a good price at Costco, buy a lot and freeze the extras. Or in the case of cheeses, buy a big block of cheese instead of a tiny sliver.

3. Use Coupons and Money Saving Apps

If you want to save money on dairy products, then you’ve got to try to keep from buying them at full-price. When possible, take advantage of coupons and the rebates provided by money saving shopping apps. Check out 13 Awesome Money Saving Apps you can download on your phone to save HUGE!

4. Buy Store Brand

In many cases, the store brand is just as good as the “premium” brands, and costs a lot less. If you’ve never used the store brand version of a dairy product before, just get one to try it out. Likely you’ll discover that you like it just fine, giving you another way to save money on dairy products next time you go shopping!

5. Use Powdered Milk

Powdered milk is a great fresh milk alternative that can save you a lot of money! All you have to do is add water, and you’ve got some milk ready to go! Powdered milk does taste different than fresh milk, so it’s usually best just to use it for cooking and baking.

6. Use Substitutes

Sometimes you may find yourself buying a dairy product to use in a recipe, using only half of it, and then watching the other half spoil in a week. That’s a waste of money and food. Instead, save money and use what you already have! Instead of buying heavy cream, just mix together some butter and half-and-half. Instead of buying cream cheese, mix some ricotta cheese with plain yogurt. There are dozens of possible substitutions!

7. Don’t Use as Much

If you want to save money on dairy products, one of the best methods may just be not to use as many dairy products! Save your dairy budget for milk for the kids to drink, and then try to use things other than dairy when cooking. For example, rice often tastes good without butter if cooked in chicken broth. And you often don’t need as many cups of cheese as recipes require. Cut back on your dairy intake, and you’ll cut back on your dairy costs!

How do you save money on dairy products?

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