How to Make More Money at Your Yard Sale

How to Make More Money at Your Yard Sale

How to Make More Money at Your Yard Sale

Yard sales are a lot of work, from clearing out your attic, basement and every room in your house to find things to sell to hauling it all outside and setting it up.  Most sellers are lucky to end up with a few hundred bucks for all their hard work. But there are ways to ensure that you’ll make more money and the work will all be worth it.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to making a nice chunk of change.

  1. Sell Like the Pros.  Too many yard sales are a haphazard collection of stuff. Instead, set up your sale with purpose and focus to make it easier for your shoppers to find great deals. Organize similar items together so they catch the shopper’s attention and make them more likely to purchase more. If you have a lot of a particular item, “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” is a great option.  I once sold bakeware at a yard sale and because I had placed it all together, a shopper bought almost every piece instead of just one or two pieces.
  2. Don’t Price Anything.  Figuring out what to charge and putting price tags on everything is the most time-consuming and stressful part of a yard sale.  Instead, place similar items together and have a $3 section and a $5 section for smaller items.  For larger items, ask buyers for their best offer.  They will often name a price that’s higher than the one you would have suggested. If people seem too shy to negotiate, then you can name a price.
  3.  Partner Up.  Have a neighborhood sale.  When multiple homes near each other have their own sales, it attracts more buyers to the neighborhood.  Yard sale shoppers are checking the paper and looking for the best sales.  If they see there are several sales happening in one neighborhood, they’re more likely to stop by so they can save time on driving around.
  4.  Make sure everyone knows.  Be sure to post your sale on Craigslist, Facebook and any other online communities you belong to.  Ask your friends to share the information as well.  Ask your church if you can put flyers out the week before in the reception area.  Make lots of big, bright, colorful signs directing people to your neighborhood. If you can’t find any sign posts to attach your signs to, use paper grocery bags to make your sign then fill them with rocks and sit them on the street corners around your neighborhood.
  5. Have the kids set up a lemonade stand.  This is a great way to get the whole family involved and make a little extra money. Let the kids set up an area where they can sell lemonade, soda, water or candy bars.  Include a bake sale and make items a few days before for the kids to sell.  

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