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How to Eat Organic on a Budget!

How to Eat Organic on a Budget!

Nowadays, everyone knows that organic foods are healthier than conventional. Unfortunately, organic foods are much more costly than conventional ones. This can be problematic if you’re trying to stick to a budget! Luckily, there are ways for everyone to find the money to eat organic, even if they’re on a very tight budget! Check out these 10 tips for How to Eat Organic on a Budget!

How to Eat Organic on a Budget

1. Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

The best way to know for sure that what you’re eating is organic is to grow it yourself! Seeds don’t cost a lot, and you can easily set up a small organic garden on a windowsill or patio.

2. Coupons

Just as with anything, if you want to save money on organic foods you should be using coupons. Sometimes stores have coupons for specific organic brands, and other times they have general-purpose coupons like “$5 off a $25 produce purchase.” Either type is a great way to save money and eat organic on a budget!

3. Money Saving Apps

If your local store isn’t offering coupons on organic foods often enough, try using a money saving shopping app like iBotta instead. These apps occasionally have rebates for specific brands, or for specific foods, regardless of brand.

4. Learn What Doesn’t Need to Be Organic

If you’re on a budget, you may not be able to afford to buy everything organic. In that case, you have to prioritize your organic purchases. In particular, anything on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list should be purchased organic. The list includes apples, grapes, potatoes, and other common fruits and vegetables that are likely to be highly contaminated with pesticides.

5. Learn How to Keep Food Fresh Longer

If you’re used to eating conventional fruits and vegetables, you may be surprised how quickly organic produce spoils. If you don’t want to waste money and food, you’ve got to learn how to keep your organic purchases fresh long enough for you to consume them. This includes learning which foods to refrigerate and freeze, and other food preservation tips and tricks.

6. Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to eat organic on a budget! Buy the bulk organic chicken packages at Costco, or buy the bulk bag of organic carrots at Whole Foods. Only buy what you know you can freeze or eat before it spoils. Bulk packaged organic products are also usually a good purchase decision, as they can last for a long time.

7. Buy Store Brand

You don’t have to always buy the fancy organic brands. Instead, consider buying Kroger’s Simple Truth organic foods, or Whole Foods’ 365 organic products. Just make sure to read the labels carefully, as the store brands aren’t always exclusively organic.

8. Buy Online

Check online for websites selling your favorite packaged organic products. If the products don’t need to be kept refrigerated, it may be a good idea to buy them online (if you can find a good price), and have them sent to you.

9. Buy at Farmer’s Markets

Sometimes you can find a good deal on organic products at your local farmer’s market. You can often find a variety of organic produce, and sometimes even organic honey or nuts.

10. Buy Canned Organic Fruits and Vegetables

It’s always a good idea to have some canned food on hand, and in some cases it may be cheaper to buy canned organic produce. Obviously fresh is better than canned, but if you want to eat organic on a budget, buying canned may be a good compromise.

How do you save money on organic foods?

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