Hobbies That Can Make You Money

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Hobbies That Can Make You Money

What if you really could make money doing something you love? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not. There are ways to turn your hobbies into money. Whether you love reading or DIY projects, there are hobbies that can make you money.

  1. Reading

If you love to read, and are good at reading out loud, you can make money narrating audio books. Not only are audio books popular with those on the go, but audio books are also in high demand for the visually impaired. Some narrators make up to $100 per hour. You can also narrate for authors publishing to Audible and make a percentage from the sale of the audio books.

  1. Crafts

Love to do cross stitch or knit? You can easily turn your crafts into money. The key is to have several pieces made before opening your business. Whether you sell online through Etsy or at a craft fair, you want to make sure you have enough product on hand. Another great tip, if you’re selling on Etsy, is to offer custom orders that allow buyers to choose the color or design.

  1. DIY Projects

Do you have a knack for buying old pieces of furniture and turning them into something beautiful? Make it a business. Thrift stores always have pieces you can transform and you can set up at a flea market to sell your goods. Again, you want to have several pieces before setting up shop. The trick is to buy cheap pieces that you can transform and sell for top dollar.

  1. Writing

It’s so easy for authors to make money thanks to companies like Amazon. If you love to write stories, non-fiction, or even poems, you can write a book and sell it without any investment at all. However, the more you invest in editing and cover art, the more money you’ll make.

  1. Playing Games

Last, but not least, if you’re just looking for pocket money, you can turn your love of video games into cash. There are a number of companies where you can compete in tournaments playing everything from word to puzzle games. It’s a fun way to pass the time that may land you a few extra bucks each week.

Imagine getting paid for doing something you love? With a bit of time, you can turn your hobbies into cash. Whether you love to play games or write novels, you can turn your spare time fun into a business. Think about what you love doing and how you can make money with your hobbies.

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