Tips to Get a FREE Christmas in 2019 + Earn $3 For EACH Survey!

PineCone Research has some of the Best payouts out there and you can cash out with as little as $3, making it a Favorite among Survey Takers! Right now, they have opened enrollment and are looking for NEW Members 18+.

You’ll earn $3.00 per survey! You’ll automatically be sent your first $3 as a check to your home address. From then, you can cash out with as little as $3 with Paypal, Check or Visa Card

*after you register make sure to confirm your email

Pinecone Research is the highest paying and highest rated survey site, and because such – they’re pretty hard to get into! VERY PICKY! If you don’t get accepted today, try back every week! They open up slots for different demographics ALOT!

Note From Alea + Some Tips to Succeed:

Survey Companies are an awesome way to get a little extra money and (If you’re like me!) to work towards a FREE Christmas! It definitely adds up, I’ve been doing survey companies like this one for YEARS! I save up my earnings all year long and then cash out around Black Friday and it pays for my holidays!! Filling out surveys definitely will NOT make you rich (And if you come across a company that claims it will, RUN!) but it is an awesome FREE way to make some extra cash! ALOT of people don’t think survey companies are legit, so I put together some tips to help you succeed below:
Tips # 1: Not every survey company is legit, and ALOT of them ARE NOT worth the time! I have 5-6 main ones that I work with every year (Full list and stats below!) that are well established and worth the time.. I sit at my computer off and on all day, so I check for the smaller like 3-5 minute surveys throughout the week and then I try to set aside at least 2 hours a week to try for the longer higher paying surveys! Do I think 2 hours of work a week in exchange for a free debt free Christmas is worth it? HECK YEAH!
Tip # 2: The main complaint I hear about survey sites is “I never qualify for any surveys!” The best way to qualify for surveys is to make sure you fill out your profile completely and HONESTLY! Many people think that just checking EVERY box on your likes/interests etc will make you qualify for more surveys, but the opposite is actually true! The surveys are meant to weed out the people who aren’t being truthful, and they’re very good at it! Be 100% honest and truthful and the surveys you’re 100% more likely to qualify for the surveys you’re offered.
Tip # 3: Create a separate email address for everything survey related. Some of these companies send you ALOT of surveys, and it can seriously bog down your main inbox!
Tip # 4: ALOT of survey companies will also pay you to TEST out products and KEEP the products when you’re done! If you’re interested in this, make sure you do your reviews WELL (As in don’t just slop something together without actually trying the product) Companies DO read these, and the better your reviews are (Even if it’s a bad review!) the more likely you are to get offer more and better products! I like to take pictures of me using the products, pictures of the packaging, and depending on the price it pays and how expensive the item is, I’ll do a video of it as well! When I first started, the items I was offered were small.. Shampoo, face wash etc but now.. The last item I was offered was back in January for an Instapot! I got it 100% FREE!

My Top 6 Survey Companies and how much I currently average

(With a Blog to run, 15+ Facebook Groups, a 5 year old and an 8 month old.. My time isn’t as free as it once was, so I don’t make as much as I did PRE-Kids, but it’s still always enough to get a free Christmas!)
1. Pinecone Research – Average 2 Surveys a week, $3 each ($6 a Week x 52 Weeks in the year = $312 a year)
2. InstaGC – Average $3-$5 a day depending on how much time I have to sit on the site and the offers available. Get paid to watch videos and print coupons as well! ($3-5 a day x 365 days in a year = $1095-$1825 a year – Lately I have mainly used these for the daily gift card giveaways we do on our Facebook Page, so if you’ve ever won one.. thank InstaGC!)
3. Swagbucks – The survey company I’ve been working with the longest (I signed up when they first opened almost 10 years ago!) My earnings vary hugely with this one, some weeks I make a couple dollars, some week I make $100+. They have alot of online retailers that they offer a % of your purchase back through, also get paid to watch videos and print coupons. They also offer bonus swag bucks throughout the day – Install their Toolbar for instant notifications when an offer is available! (No weekly average because it DOES vary greatly, but in 2017 I made $619 from Swagbucks)
4. Ipsos I-Say – This is the main company I get paid to test out products with! They also pay for you to complete surveys, but the also help you qualify for their Paid Product Testing Opportunities! These survey offers definitely pay less than the other companies, but getting paid to try out a new product and getting to keep the product afterwards makes it worth it (Earnings vary, in 2017 I only made like $150 from Surveys, but got paid to test out 8 different products throughout the year.. Got paid around 160 total for all the products,  and the total product retail for all 8 were around $400 – So like $300+ Per year + a crap ton of awesome freebies)
5. VIP Voice – I typically qualify for ALOT of surveys with this one, but it can vary greatly. Some weeks I get no offers, other weeks I get 10+ offers.  They are most popular for their Daily Digest Opportunities, especially their 7 Day Food Journal – almost everyone gets offered $25 gift card just for filling out a 7 day food journal! Most people get this offer after their 5th or 6th survey, I was offered the same Food Journal opportunity 6 times in 2017, and I’ve already been offered it once in 2018! They also have random sweepstakes giveaways, and a member from our main Couponing Group actually WON last year – Top Left Picture!! (I’ve been with this company for 3 years and never won the sweeps lol so I wouldn’t join because of that, but consider it a bonus if it happens) (Between the food journals, other paid Daily Digest items and the normal surveys, I made around $715 from VIP in 2017.
6. MySurveyMySurvey is a unique one as they are one of the few that give you the option to cash out to paypal, but they also send you CASH in the mail!! So if you join, make sure you check that “Junk” mail, I can’t tell you how many people have told me they accidentally threw away envelopes with cash in it thinking it was spam! (Offers vary greatly like some of the others, I made around $350 in 2017 from MySurvey)

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