FREE $5 Target or Amazon Giftcard – Redeem Immediately!

We have an awesome freebie for anyone who doesn’t already use Fetch Rewards!

To get FREE $5 Target or Amazon Gift Card you will need to download the FREE Fetch Rewards App to your device from iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Sign up and use code code: XY5HY then scan your first receipt (Fetch Rewards works for ANY grocery receipt) you will earn 2,000 points (1,000 points equals $1). A lot of people in the last week have reported getting an additional 2,000-4000 points when they scanned their first 4 receipts! Under the “Rewards” tab they have $3 Target or Amazon Gift Cards for 3,000 points – and you can get them immediately!


3 thoughts on “FREE $5 Target or Amazon Giftcard – Redeem Immediately!”

  1. I’m a newbie I don’t understand couponing I’ve
    Spent more money in it I give up I don’t know how THANK YOU

  2. Thank you for all of the time and effort that you devote to this site, Alea! I have a question for you regarding the 4 lb bag of Essence dog food. Is it supposed to be available at all of the stores that you have listed to the right of the picture of the dog food sack? I have downloaded the coupon, but haven’t gone shopping to pick it up yet. Thanks so much!

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