Foods to Buy to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

Foods to Buy to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

Foods to Buy to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

There may be times when, for a variety of reasons, you find yourself with a very small grocery budget. This feeling of not being able to buy food for your family can be incredibly stressful. If you find yourself in this position, you may be wondering what you should buy to get you through and feed your family for the week. Here are some items that will stretch your budget and allow you to provide good meals.

Bananas– Bananas are almost always the cheapest fruit available, regardless of what season it is, and they are a great source of potassium. You can add bananas to oatmeal or cereal for a filling breakfast or make sandwiches with peanut butter for a good lunch.

Beans – Beans are a great source of protein plus they fill you up. And they can be used in rice and beans, wrapped in tortillas for a bean burrito, or added to soups and stews. To get more for your money, choose the dry variety instead of canned.

Brown Rice in Bulk– Brown rice is another great filler; it’s a great source of grain. Rice can be used in casseroles, soups, and wraps. You can buy several pounds for less than $2 in the bulk section of the store.  A little goes a long way.

Canned Tomato Puree- At bulk stores, you can usually get a gallon can for around $3. You can make a big pot of spaghetti sauce or chili and use the leftovers for another meal.

Eggs- Eggs are an excellent way to fill up for cheap. Scramble or poach them, put them in a casserole, or make a quiche.

Frozen Vegetables- If you stick with the basics like peas, green beans , and corn, frozen vegetables are usually cheaper than fresh.  Plus they have more nutrients and less sodium than canned vegetable and are often the same price.

Green Onions–They are great for adding some flavoring to things for little cost. They are only about 50 cents a bunch and you can also regrow them a second time without a garden. All you need to do is cut the onions down to just above the white roots then place the roots in water in a semi sunny spot. No dirt required! In a couple of days, you will have new green onions!

Oats in Bulk – Buying quick oats in bulk is a great way to fill up at breakfast every morning and it is super low cost. Flavor it up with maple syrup, brown sugar, or fruit.  Cook it in apple juice instead of milk or water for a nice apple flavor.

Potatoes – Like rice, potatoes are good fillers.  Add them to casseroles, stews, and soups for a hearty meal.

Tofu- This is not something you usually see on many grocery budget lists. Many people think it’s expensive or they’re afraid to give it a try. The truth is, tofu is an excellent source of protein and it is usually very inexpensive. You can get an entire brick of it and feed a whole family for less than $2. Compared to meat, this is a huge money saver.

Being on a tight grocery budget doesn’t have to mean eating Ramen noodles for a week.  There are plenty of ways to get creative, save money, and still eat well.

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