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  1. I am having trouble printing out the coupons, my laptop states I have to download a coupon app.. but I also get a warning that it will damage the computer. is there a way to get around this? I am new to this process, am I going it right? Thanks

    1. You have to download a coupon app. We ALL did and it Did Not damage the computer. Most sites say it “can” just in case something does happen you can’t say it is their fault.

  2. I’m trying to print coupons, it keeps saying coupons printed, but not at my printer. I used before

    1. We’re unable to duplicate the error. Can you let us know what browser you use? Our site works best in Chrome, can you see if you have the same issue in Chrome?

  3. Just chose 15 coupons from my phone, sent me a verification code to my phone to print and it started they were sent to my printer buy nothing there. Can anyone help? It shows I have nothing to print now.

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