Couponing Tip: Reading a Coupon

I started couponing with no idea what the words on the coupon meant nor the picture but learning how to decipher those things can really land you some great savings. So today, we’re getting a bit technical. Come back tomorrow to learn WHEN to use your coupons to get you the best deals!

1. Looks Can Be Deceiving: Most coupons have the largest, most expensive item in the picture so don’t pay too much attention to that. While you may see a picture of a $20 bottle of Tide on your coupon, if the coupon has no size restrictions written on it then you can use it for travel size items too.

2. “One Coupon Per Purchase”: If you’ve ever looked close at your coupons, you’ve likely seen this before. What does it mean? Basically, it means one coupon per item NOT the entire purchase. Yes, you can have 10 boxes of cereal and 10 coupons to go with them.

3. The Expiration Date: Do you have to abide by it? YES. Stores do have a window of time to get their coupons reimbursed by the manufacturer but if you’re sneaking by with a ton of expired coupons, that could mean the store is not getting reimbursed. In other words, you’re stealing money from the store which in short is called theft. Now, does that mean you’ll always be perfect and never hand a cashier an expired coupon? No, we’re all human. But, it does mean that using expired coupons constantly is not ok unless the store has openly proclaimed that they take them on their coupon policies which is not the case in our area.

In saying that, you can donate your expired coupons to military bases overseas and they CAN use the expired coupons.

4. Don’t Copy Coupons: Coupon Fraud is a big deal and copying a coupon could lead to some serious trouble. Most printable coupons have bar codes that change every time you print which means, if you did copy them, they’ll likely beep at the register. Even if they don’t, they won’t make it through the coupon clearinghouse which means the store will not be reimbursed for the coupon you just used. Each coupon is equipped with multiple security measures that may pass by the person at the register but not the clearing house.

5. Using FREE Product Coupons: Every now and again you’ll get a coupon for a FREE product. Is it real? While most fraudulent coupons do come in the form of FREE products, there are certainly legit coupons out there for free products as well. The biggest indicator that your coupon is real is that you have signed up for it from the manufacturer directly. If you’re only getting an e-mail from a friend, then it’s likely fake. However, if the company is truly rewarding you for something you signed up for then you’ve got a legit FREE product coupon on your hands.

Stay Tuned for Numbers 6-10 Tomorrow!

Using coupons is easy and will save you hundreds of dollars a month, don’t worry you’ll find out how soon enough! Stay encouraged and keep reading!

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  • Printing coupons runs out my ink so quick and the ink cartridges are expensive. I have the HP C4795 series printer. Any suggestions? Will a laser printer be better? Thanks for any suggestions.