Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

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I’m so excited to tell you about the Favado App – which is the best grocery savings app I’ve ever found!

We told you about this app last fall, and I’ve been personally using Favado for the past 6 months and have really enjoyed having the information right at my fingertips… it’s so easy to access!

  • First – GO!!!  Go sign up (this creates your account, which you want so you can create your shopping list with).  Please use this link
  • Then download the app (the link is on the next page or in the confirmation email you’ll get… make sure you confirm your account!)
  • This app is available for Android AND iOS (Apple) devices!
  • This app has all the same grocery match-ups that we provide for you!

Why Use the Favado Grocery Savings App?

  • Compare Prices – perfect for those times that you need to run and buy a few specific items and want to get the best deal.  Simply search the favado app and find which store in your area has the best price
  • (my favorite!) Notifications – get notified when your favorite items come on sale (I’m setting up alerts for pantry staples like peanut butter, oatmeal, tuna fish (you get the idea).  Favado can send you push notifications when a new sale starts at any store you select!  You will truly NEVER MISS YOUR FAVORITE DEALS AGAIN!
  • (new!) Sync Your Shopping List –  when you create a shopping list on our site, you can sync it right to your phone if you’ve signed up for the favado app!

How the Favado Grocery Savings App Works:

This app works across the entire nation!  After you’ve created your account and downloaded the app, simply pick your favorite stores (you can search by city or zip code) and voilà, you can see all the sales, compare prices, and search for your favorite products!  You can search one store or all the stores you’ve selected!

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

Create a list of “FAVES” to know when products YOU want are on sale…

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

Make a Grocery List

Items with the paperclip mean there are more ways to save on this product (coupons to use, or a special promo).  Simply click on the paperclip to see the details and how you can save.  If it is a printable coupon, add this to your list and the link to the coupon will be emailed to you (this only works if you sign up here).  (NEW!!)  Don’t forget that you can also create your shopping list right on our site and sync it with the app!  Find the stores we cover right here.

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

Get Notified When Your Favorite Items and/or Brands are on sale:

Simply select YES when this box pops up!

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

Save Even More by Using Coupons… this app makes it easy!

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

If you register for the app (do it right here), then you’ll be able to email the coupons and your shopping list to yourself!  You’ll be able to print coupons right from the links in the shopping list!

Ready to start?

  1. Click right HERE and register
  2. After your register, go to the App Store or Google Play to download Favado to your device (it’s free!!) and make sure you make sure you confirm your account!
  3. Sign in (since you’ve already registered) and you’re ready to start saving 30%-70% at the grocery store!

Watch this video to see how Favado works:

Have I convinced you to get the Favado Grocery Savings App?

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

Confused by Favado? READ THIS!

What do you think?  Are you as excited as we are??

  3. SIGN IN, create your list, send it to your email, and print the coupons!

P.S. You can search our database right on your computer any time!!


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