*CODE RED* Swagbucks LifeLock Promotion = $33 Moneymaker!

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*CODE RED* Swagbucks LifeLock Promotion = $33 Moneymaker!


We just had a member post about this awesome Swagbucks MONEYMAKER! Check out what they said:

Hurry up & RUN! I just received my $50 from swagbucks today AND made another $50 today!
Follow the steps & get your free money !!!

NOTE: It says 4200SB but I only received 4020SB ( $40.20)

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks
  2. Search LifeLock and complete offer
  3. spend $8.99 and get back 40.20 (You might get the full 42.00 it says, but I only got 40.20)
  4. It says up to 7 days for payout, but it’s creditting instantly! THAT’S A $33 MONEY MAKER!
  5. Immediately cash out to paypal or 100s of giftcards!

Make sure you cancel your LifeLock membership after you cash out!

Admin: We did a little digging to see if other SwagBuckers had any luck with this offer, and they ALL did! And ALL of them said it was creditting instantly! So while the fine print says you can’t cancel within the first 40 days, but if it’s creditting instantly, you should be safe to cancel right after you cash out! If you wanted to play it safe and wait the full 2 months before canceling, it would end up costing you $8.99×2 ($17.98) which still makes this a $20+ Moneymaker!



To cancel your LifeLock membership:

  1. Go to https://secure.lifelock.com/portal/login and log into your account

  2. In the membership portal, click Request Support –> Click Cancel to terminate your membership

  3. Keep your cancellation confirmation in case of any future complications

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