Black Friday Tips to Save Huge


Black Friday Tips to Save Huge


Who doesn’t love to save money? If you’re passionate about saving money, you know that Black Friday can be one of the best shopping days of the year. With that said, you need to have a great plan. Whether you start by looking at the sales early or leave the credit cards at home, you can save huge on Black Friday.


ELC Black Friday Deals Page


Head over to our Black Friday Deals Page to where we’ll be posting everything you need to master this Black Friday and save BIG TIME! We have a ton of ways for you to keep up with the deals, there’s something for everyone!

Check the Sales Early


As soon as a Black Friday ad scan goes live, we post it over on our Black Friday Ads page! Head over here and take a look and see what deals you might be interested in! This gives you plenty of time to compare prices and find out which stores are going to have the best deals.


Set a Budget


You can go broke saving money. Make sure you set a budget. You want an overall budget and you want a budget for each category. For example, you might have a budget to spend $1000, but want to spend no more than $500 on a new TV.


Leave the Credit Cards at Home


To help you stick to your budget, you want to leave your credit cards at home. Not only will you stick to your budget, but you won’t have to worry about interest fees. Also, let’s not forget that there are a lot of people out and about on Black Friday. Should your purse get stolen, you’ll only lose the cash that was in there.


Shop Online with Codes


If you’re doing your Black Friday shopping online always, always, always check for discount codes. The website is one of the best places to find codes. There are lots and lots of great deals floating around on Black Friday and this site will make sure you don’t miss any special discounts.


Pay Attention to Quality


You may think that $2 is an awesome deal for a bath towel, but once you handle it find that the towel is really poor quality. You want to check the quality of items as much as possible.


Haggle on Damaged Items


During Black Friday there’s a lot of grabbing and mishandling of items. This means that items get damaged. Don’t be afraid to haggle on these items. You’d be surprised at just how willing associates are to bring the price down a bit more.


Remember Those Rebates


Sometimes an item will come with a rebate. You want to make sure to follow through with the instructions for getting the rebate as soon as possible. That way you’re less likely to forget. Forgetting to fill out rebate forms can cost you a lot of money.


Keep Receipts


Last, but not least, you want to make sure to keep your receipts. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and buy things you don’t really need. If you hold on to the receipt, you can easily take the item back and get a full refund.

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to go shopping, but you want to make sure you’re saving the most amount of money possible.



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