Best Places To Get Free Samples


This is just a quick list of some of my favorite places to get samples. I also post samples here all the time, you can see them on the Sample Page. Just remember that very FEW Samples will ever need your credit card information. So if you go to get a sample and it asks for it, be wary and do your research! I’ve been getting samples for years and the only times i’ve ever had to put my CC information in was when it was a “pay shipping” type sample, which aren’t really samples in my opinion!  These are all 100% free samples.


** Everyone Loves Couponing Sample Page – We always post new awesome samples and free magazines when they come out~

** Toluna – Free FULL SIZE Samples Once a Month

** Freeflys – Probably one of my favorites, sends out a round up email with the newest samples. They have EVERYTHING.

** RewardSurvey – Where I get the majority of my free magazines

** RecycleBank – My second favorite place to get free magazines!

Betty Crocker Mailing List – Samples exclusive to Betty Crocker.. Not too many, but when they do they’re awesome

Pillsbury Mailing List – Same as above

Smiley360 – Qualify to test out free full size products!

Vindale Research – Sends out products to you for free, all you have to do is write a little review after you’ve used the product.