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8 Ways to Save Money When Shopping at Target!

8 Ways to Save Money When Shopping at Target!

8 Ways to Save Money When Shopping at Target

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Can you relate to walking into Target for one item and coming out with twenty? Do you love shopping at Target, but wish that you could make it out with spending half of your paycheck? Here are some simple ways that you can save money when shopping at Target

  1. Check for Coupons. Before you head to Target to shop, make sure you visit Target’s website to see if they have any good coupons or deals available. Also remember that you can use manufacturer coupons in conjunction with store coupons to save even more money. You should also check your local newspaper for coupon inserts from Target.
  2. Sign up for Target Cartwheel. If you haven’t already downloaded Target’s mobile coupon app, you should. Simply check the app for the deals you want and scan your phone at checkout. These deals can be combined with other coupons and the Target REDcard.
  3. Use Coupons During Sales. Speaking of coupons, you can get more bang for your buck by using coupons on sale items. By matching up coupons (from Target and manufacturers) and sales, you could save a pretty penny, get things for free, and even MAKE money.
  4. Check Your Receipt. You may have been overlooking another coupon source that is right under your nose! Target gives attentive shoppers a bonus coupon at the end of receipts, so make sure you check those out. Otherwise, you could literally be throwing away money.
  5. Check Out the End Caps. A lot of retailers store their clearance items on end caps (which are the shelves that are at the end of each aisle). Target is no exception. You can score some awesome discounted goodies just by paying attention to these sections. You should also keep in mind that Target gradually reduces the prices of its clearance items, moving from 15% off up to 90% off. So if you see something that you like, but the price still isn’t quite right, you might wait a bit to see if it will go down in price. Just know that it might not be there when you come back.
  6. Shop Holiday Clearance Sales. If you like to shop ahead for next year’s holidays by waiting for things to go on sale, Target is definitely a great place to go. They typically put things on sale the day after the holiday, and mark the items down as time progresses. If you go the day after the holiday, you will find things are 50% off. 3 days later, they will be marked down to 75% off. Anything that is still left over a week later is going to be marked down to 90%.
  7. Shop the Clearance Sale Online. Another way to save money at Target is to check out what they have to offer online. They always have some pretty cool things in their clearance section that may be unavailable at your local store.  
  8. Shop for Deals on Certain Days. Did you know that there is usually a system for which sections have sales going on throughout the week? The schedule below is what is believed to be used for most Target locations:

Monday: electronic, accessories, kids’ clothing, books, baby, stationery

Tuesdaydomestics, women’s clothing, pets, market (food items)

Wednesday: men’s clothing, health & beauty, diapers, lawn & garden, furniture

Thursday: housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor & luggage

Friday: auto, cosmetics, hardware, jewelry

Bonus Tip: Check for Price Adjustments. Have you ever bought something at the store, only to find out that it went on sale mere days later? It sucks! If this happens to you at Target, you might be able to bring your receipt in and have them adjust the price. It doesn’t work for everything, but it might be worth a shot.


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