8 Ways to Save Money as a New Mom!

8 Ways To Save Money As A New Mom

8 Ways to Save Money as a New Mom

Despite what you may thing, there is no need to go broke when there is a new addition to the family. Below are ways that you can actually save money as a new mom.

    1. Only buy necessities. Resist the voice in your head telling you to “buy all the things!” There is a short list of basic categories that you should focus on. You need things to keep your baby fed/hydrated, diapered, clothed, healthy, and safe. When you are tempted to buy something, ask yourself if it fits into one of those basic categories. Then ask yourself if you already have something that serves the same purpose. If it doesn’t fit one of the categories or you already have something that would suffice, you might consider putting it back so that you can use that money on something else.
    2. Shop consignment sales. Does your area host consignment sales or boast consignment shops? If so, it might be well worth your while to check them out. These sales are usually a great way to buy gently used items for much less than you would spend in retail stores. An added bonus is that once your baby starts outgrowing his or her things, you can get some of your money back by selling them at consignment sales.  
    3. Sign up for New Mom reward programs. Join Similac’s Strong Moms Rewards Program to receive up to $329 in benefits, including samples and vouchers for free formula. Enfamil’s Family Beginnings program offers $325 in freebies and benefits (including those really cute belly badges you can use in pictures). Huggies and Pampers both have great rewards programs that will help you to save money on diapers.
    4. Don’t buy clothes far in advance. It is probably really tempting to buy clothes in advance so that you are prepared as your child grows. However, when you buy clothes in bigger sizes before you need them, you run the risk of your child going through a growth spurt and not even being able to wear that size for long. This is especially true during the first year. It’s okay to buy some clothes in advance, but don’t go too crazy.
    5. Buy furniture and accessories that will grow with them. A lot of companies sell convertible baby furniture and accessories such as cribs, strollers, high chairs, and even car seats. Even though some of them might cost a bit more than their non-convertible counterparts, it might be worth the investment to buy something that will last through the years.
    6. Ask your pediatrician for product samples. Many times, pediatricians (and hospitals) will receive a great deal of free samples and coupons to hand out to new moms. Ask if there are any available. You might be able to get samples of (and coupons for) things like formula, diapers, and first aid essentials (diaper rash cream, fever medicine, etc). This is an easy and accessible way to save a bit of money every time you take your child in for a check-up.
    7. Consider breastfeeding. Of course, I couldn’t talk about saving money as a new mom without discussing the cost-effectiveness of breastfeeding. You can save a ton of money that would have gone towards formula by breastfeeding – even if you still supplement with formula. If you need to pump milk, look into local  or state programs that might help you out with a good breast pump.
    8. Make your own baby food. As your child grows, you can also save money on baby food by making it yourself. Invest in a quality blender or food processor so that you can simply blend and store fresh fruits, veggies, and cooked meat for your baby’s mealtimes. This will save you a lot of money on buying jars of baby food.


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