8 Ways to Get FREE Sunday Newspaper Coupons!

We’ve had alot of people ask us how to get free or SUPER discounter Sunday paper coupons, so we put our heads together and wrote down the ways we personally have gotten them free or SUPER discounted! Good Luck!

  1. Look for free local papers like Your Essential Shopper (Also known as YES!) Some cities have free local papers and include coupon inserts in them, and they’re delivered right to your door~!

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2. Contact your local recycling center – ALOT of them will let you go through their bins, and there’s normally a TON of coupons people recycle (But WHYY lol) 

Locate your nearest center here.

3. Ask your local Gas Stations and convenience store managers if you can have their unsold newspaper inserts! in most cities, the only thing the manager has to give back to the carrier is the front page! The rest normally end up right in the trash! What a waste!

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4. Ask your neighbors if you can have their unwanted Sunday coupons! There’e still A LOT of people who buy the Sunday for what it actually is.. something to read. They don’t want, don’t need and won’t use the coupons In the paper! Ask them if they’ll set them aside for you!

5. Check your local Grocery Stores and your local Walmart on Monday morning! A lot of them will start discounting their left over Sunday papers, and some might even just give them to you!

6. Visit your local coffee shop – A lot of people bring their newspapers in there to read and just leave them when they leave, and A LOT of coffee shops will buy a bunch of papers Sunday morning for their customers to read!~ Ask the manager if you can have the inserts!

7. Make friends with your local librarian! Library’s always get a couple papers every Sunday, ask if you can swing by on Monday and take those Sunday inserts off their hand and save them the clutter!

8. Check your local Dollar Tree – Most sell their Sunday papers for only $1! They’re normally extremely popular, and normally limit the amount you can get. Make sure you get there early!

And of course, if you’re still looking for more coupons, you can always print them!

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160 thoughts on “8 Ways to Get FREE Sunday Newspaper Coupons!”

    1. Instead of ordering coupons, try going to your newspaper office. They will sell you the newspapers, just tell them the date of the paper that you need.

    1. My local paper tells me that the inserts are put in at a different location and not at the newspaper itself. This place does a run of inserts and puts them in and then the newpaper theirselves are at the end of a run. Where they may not get any inserts at all. They have no control over this. They may get inserts if there is extra and they may not. That is why sometimes Walmart wont have both inserts in the paper. One insert will be in Saturday paper and the other insert may be in Mondays paper. The advice the newspaper gave me was to check your newspaper before buying it. It no inserts don’t buy it……..

  1. Also, check your local free community papers. We have two free local papers that are distributed to the convenience store, grocery store and Post Office in our borough. They are either in the stores on the stands where the other papers are sold or you can find them in the outside paper machines and the machine(s) will say “FREE” on the outside. Also, some local restaurants might carry and distribute the free community paper in your area.

  2. I ask everyone I know. Right now, my 5 kids save for me and 2 neighbors save for me. I always look for tearpads in the store. My hubby says I could spot a coupon from across the parking lot.

  3. One can also check their local Community Action agency or Office for the Aging agency as both places usually have coupons which are donated by people in the community.

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