7 Ways to Earn Money with Your Receipts!

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7 Ways to Earn Money with Your Receipts!

If you throw away receipts, you’re throwing away money.

If you have your receipt, you can earn cash back on purchases that you make!! Some of these don’t even require specific purchases.. ANY receipt can earn you money! This method usually takes under a minute, and you’re earning free money just for taking a picture of your receipts.

In this article, you’ll find the top 6 SEVEN free money making apps that will pay you for your receipts!

1. Fetch Rewards

  • Registration Bonus: $2.00 with promo code XY5HY and scan first receipt

Why It’s Awesome:  The great thing about this app is that compared to a lot of other apps on this list, you can buy your products at any store. As long as your offer shows up on both your receipt and in the mobile app, you’ll receive cash back for scanning your receipt. You can cash out with as little as $3, so after your $2 sign on bonus and your 250 points for uploading your first receipt, you’re already close to cashing out!

Tap Here to Join FetchRewards

(NEW!) 2. Swagbucks

You heard me right! This READER FAVORITE company just started giving out Swagbucks JUST to take a picture of your receipt! The standard is 2 SB per receipt, but each week they have a spot for up to 20 SB from different stores! Last week it was 15 SB for EVERY CVS receipt!

Tap Here to Join SwagBucks

3. Ibotta

Registration Bonus: $10 after you claim your first offer

Why It’s Awesome: Most of the items found on this rebate are items that you would buy on a weekly basis, such as milk, yogurt, eggs, garbage bags, cereal, soda and more. It’s been around for a long time, and has a huge variety of rebates available every week. Active Ibotta users earn up to $300 per year just for scanning or taking a picture of that little piece of paper we call a receipt.

Tap Here to Join Ibotta


4. Shopkick

Registration Bonus: 250 Kicks

Why It’s Awesome:   You earn kicks for ALOT of non grocery stores! This can REALLY pay off if you’re going to make a big purchase! Anytime we buy anything big from Best Buy, like a TV or a new computer, we always have the cashier scan my ShopKick App.. Best buy offers 2 kicks for every $1 spent! Awesome way to get a little extra savings on those biog purchases!

Tap Here to Join Shopkick


5. Receipt Pal

Why it’s awesome:  You can scan any receipt from any store and still receive cash back. The only downside is that it typically has to be from a grocery store, but sometimes they do take receipts from other retailers. Weekly sweepstakes to earn more!

Tap Here to Join Receipt Hog


6. Paribus

  • Registration Bonus: None

Why it’s awesome: Paribus monitors your online purchases, and when it finds an item that received a price drop after you bought it, Paribus can request the difference on your behalf.

Tap Here to Join Paribius


7. Checkout51

  • Registration Bonus: None

Why it’s awesome: Similar to IbottaCheckout51 is a rebate app that offers cash back on grocery items. Yes, you can double dip with Ibotta and Checkout51 if you can find the same offer inside both apps. Checkout51 is known for their free produce offers! In the last year we’ve gotten free bananas, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges and onions!

Tap Here to Join Checkout51


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