6 Tips for Surviving a No Spend Week

6 Tips for Surviving a No Spend Week

6 Tips for Surviving a No Spend Week

If you are looking for a way to save up some extra cash or you’ve been hit with some unexpected bills, try going a week without spending any money on unnecessary items. Of course you should pay all of your bills, and put gas in your car to get to work, but avoid spending money on eating out, entertainment, or shopping.

Decide what will work best for you. It may be that going to the grocery store doesn’t count towards your spending, especially if it’s already been budgeted. A spending freeze will look different for everyone.

Surviving a no-spend week IS possible and here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Leave your wallet behind.

If you tend to be an impulse shopper, just leave your cash and cards at home or locked in the car. This way you won’t be tempted to buy anything.

You can still go window shopping and look around. You may actually find it more enjoyable to just look and not spend.

  1. Use what you have.

Think about what you already have that you can use in place of buying something new. Instead of buying new clothes, go through your closet and sort your clothes. You may find an outfit that you forgot all about.

If you want to redecorate an area of your home try rearranging instead of buying something new. Many times you can use what you already have.

  1. Eat from your pantry and freezer.

Take a look in your pantry and fridge, what do you already have that you can use to put together a meal instead of eating out or shopping. Skip the drive-thru and make something instead. It may take some creativity, but you will probably find more options than you expected if you just look.

  1. Stay busy.

If you think about not being able to spend anything, the only thing you’ll want to do is go shopping!  Instead, pull out the to-do list and tackle some projects to keep you distracted.  If you actively find other things to do, you may even forget that you aren’t “allowed” to spend any money.

  1. Go to free places for entertainment.

Entertainment gets expensive. If you go to the movies, you will end up buying popcorn and a drink. An afternoon at the mall usually means eating out. But entertainment doesn’t have to cost a dime!

Try riding your bike, pack a picnic and go to the park, spend a quiet afternoon reading at the library, invite friends over for game night, swap DVD’s with a friend and have a movie night at home.

There are plenty of options for free entertainment if you just open your mind to the possibilities.

  1. Remember it is only for a short time.

Like everything in life, this won’t last forever. Before you know it, the week will end. Focus on your goal to save money and remember that it is more important than whatever it is that you want to buy. By the time your week is over, you will feel great that you were able to meet your goal!

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