5 Ways to Save on Beauty Supplies

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5 Ways to Save on Beauty Supplies


5 Ways to Save on Beauty Supplies

Taking care of yourself is important, but it’s certainly not cheap. When it comes to beauty products, it’s especially true. And they seem to be getting more expensive all the time.

But we still want to look good while taking care of our skin.  So how do we do that on a budget?  Believe it or not, there are more ways than you may think.  And here are just a few to get your started.

  1. Check the labels. Bottle shapes can be deceiving; making you think there’s more product than there actually is.  Read the labels and check the number of ounces.  Less expensive isn’t always the best deal if it contains far less product.  
  2.  Use multi-purpose products.  Coconut oil gets the job done as an eye makeup remover, but it also works great as a nighttime eye cream and skin moisturizer for dry skin.  Put it on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes before shampooing, it makes a great moisturizing hair mask.  Hair conditioner or body lotion can double as shaving cream.  Liquid black soap doubles as shampoo and body wash, moisturizing both your hair and your skin.  A tiny dollop of body lotion rubbed in your palms then through your hair will tame the flyaways.
  3.  Don’t throw that bottle away yet.  There is still a lot more product in most of your shampoo and lotion bottles that the pump doesn’t reach.  Turn these bottles upside down for a day and let the product drain to the top so you can dump it into a container or simply cut off the bottom of the bottle.  On average, a bottle of body lotion still has about another week’s worth of lotion left when the pump stops working.
  4.  Try before you buy.  If you’re considering a product that’s a little more expensive than what you would normally use, see if you can find a sample or travel size first.  Give it a try before you invest all that money to be sure it’s worth it.  PinchMe, Walmart Beauty Box and Ipsy offer monthly sample boxes to try out new products.
  5.  Make your foundation last longer.  Foundation can be one of the most expensive makeup products you use and it never seems to last long enough.  Add a little facial moisturizer, preferably one with sunscreen, to the bottle as it starts running low.  This will give you several extra days of product.

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