5 Ways to Save on Beach Bag Essentials

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5 Ways to Save on Beach Bag Essentials

5 Ways to Save on Beach Bag Essentials

Summer time means family beach time.  And beach time can add up to lots of extra expenses. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a great day at the beach.  These tips will help you get all the beach essentials you need without spending a small fortune.

  1. Make A List. Make a list of everything you think you’ll need for your beach day and stick to it when you’re shopping.  Know in advance how much you have to spend on your beach bag essentials so you don’t go over budget.  Impulse purchases can be costly, so if you find an item you’d really like but it’s not on your list, wait until you’ve finished shopping for all the essentials.  If you’ve saved enough and still have money in your budget, you can always go back after you’ve had time to think about it.  
  2.  Look For Sales.  Shop the sale ads for the best deals on sunscreen, beach towels, snacks and sunglasses.  Look for coupons and use your store reward cards to make sure you get the best deals.  This may take a little extra time, but it can save you a bundle so it’s worth it.
  3.  Shop Around.  Don’t buy everything at one store.  Big chain stores are counting on you to come in for the great deals, then stay and get everything else you need in one spot.  So while many items are on sale, others may have been marked up or are at least not as good a deal as another store offering a sale on those items.  
  4.  Shop Your Home.  Many things you already have are great for your beach day.  For instance, no need to buy a special, water-proof case for your phone and portable charger, a Ziploc bag will keep your phone dry and sand-free.  Pack a lunch instead of buying food there.  Forget spending money on a large beach blanket.  Get an old sheet from your linen closet.  Better yet, use a fitted sheet.  Turn it upside down and use coolers and beach bags to pull the corners up and hold them in place.  It will keep your blanket from getting buried in sand.
  5.  Shop Dollar Stores.  While you’ll definitely want name brand products for things like sunscreen, Dollar Stores are a great place to pick up other essentials.  Beach toys, paper or plastic cups, plates and napkins, ear buds and Frisbees can all be found inexpensively at one of these stores.

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