5 Ideas for Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

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5 Ideas for Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

5 Ideas for Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

Holiday gift giving can add up quickly, before you even know it’s happening.  In addition to gifts for your family, you often feel the need to give small gifts to friends, neighbors and co-workers.  These additional gifts can put your gift giving budget right over the top.

Here are a few great ideas for inexpensive gifts that will not only make your friends feel appreciated, but will also give your wallet a break.

  1. Coffee Mug

This may seem like a simple gift, but you can easily dress it up and make it something special.  Purchase an inexpensive mug with a design or monogram for the recipient or purchase a plain mug from a local discount store and decorate it yourself with acrylic paints.  Just be sure to set the paint in the oven to make the mug dishwasher safe.

After you have your mug, you can fill it with either a small treat bag of hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, tea bags, a holiday blend of coffee or even a small herb plant.

  1. Painted Glassware

Similar to painting a mug, if your friend enjoys wine you can purchase plain, inexpensive wine glasses at a dollar store or discount store and decorate them with acrylic paint.  Use a brush with a small tip and choose an assortment of colors and simply paint polka dots on the glass, either all over or concentrated at the bottom.  Again, you’ll want to set them in your oven on a low temperature so they will be dishwasher safe.  

  1. Bottle of Wine or Olive Oil

This is makes a great hostess gift if you’re heading to a holiday party.  Purchase an inexpensive bottle of wine or olive oil and wrap it using a holiday dish towel, tying a ribbon around the top.  This becomes two gifts in one, using one gift to wrap the other.

  1. Sugar Scrub

It’s easy to make your own sugar scrub with granulated sugar, olive oil and essential oils.  Choose an energizing oil like citrus or a relaxing one like lavender to scent your scrub.  Purchase small mason jars from the craft store, fill them with your sugar scrub and decorate them with ribbon, twine or labels.  Your friends will love smoothing their rough winter skin with this scented scrub.

  1. Cookie, Brownie or Soup Mix

Using your favorite cookie, brownie or soup recipe, layer the dry ingredients in a mason jar.  Attach a label and some ribbon or twine.  Print the recipe for the mix on a recipe card and attach it to the jar.  Your friends will enjoy making these great treats on a cold winter day.

Get creative with your decorations and wrapping!  These inexpensive gifts will make your friends and loved ones feel like a million bucks.

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