33 Little Ways to Live Frugally

33 Little Ways to Live Frugally

33 Little Ways to Live Frugally

If you want to learn to live frugally, you’ve come to the right place!  This list is focused on the little ways you can live frugally so that if you are new to budgeting or money management, you can find some ways to start cutting back. 


  1. Check your local library or thrift store before buying new books, movies, and games.
  2. Find free printables on Pinterest instead of buying budget planners, day planners, calendars, wall art, etc. 
  3. Consign your unwanted clothing, accessories, home decor, etc. If you don’t have a consignment store in your area, use an online consignment or eBay.
  4. Set up a babysitting swap with friends and neighbors instead of paying for childcare.
  5. Trade-in your books, movies, and old electronics for credit on Amazon
  6. Repurpose a free item you find on Craigslist.
  7. Trade-in your old cellphones.
  8. Find free stuff on FreeCycle before shopping in the stores. 
  9. Check the trade-in-value of your electronics at Best Buy before throwing them away. 
  10. Repurpose old towels into dish rags and cleaning rags.
  11. Meal plan and prep in advance to avoid going out. 
  12. Stay away from the mall and other shopping temptations.
  13. Trade your cable service for Netflix or Hulu.
  14. Find cheap and free family activities in your area using Red Tricycle.
  15. Cancel the gym membership and exercise at home or outdoors.
  16. Add holidays and birthdays to your monthly budget by estimating what you will spend for the year then dividing it by 12.
  17. Wash dishes by hand.
  18. Cut back on haircuts and salon services.
  19. Get a free energy-saving kit from your local electric company.
  20. Make freezer meals in advance that are quick and ready to use to avoid going out to eat.
  21. Drink more water (skip the coffee, soda, etc.)
  22. Buy only the basics at the grocery store – no more imported cheeses, wine, etc.
  23. Eat more protein so you can stay fuller, longer. 
  24. Dry your clothes outside or on a drying rack indoors. 
  25. Unplug electronics as much as you can during the day if you aren’t using them.
  26. Buy bulk to save money on items you use regularly.
  27. Have a “stay-cation” when you’re on a tight budget or trying to save extra.
  28. Check your cellphone bill and occasionally review your data usage. Change your plan if necessary.
  29. Avoid buying dry-clean only clothes.
  30. Refinish old furniture instead of buying new.
  31. Pay attention to specials and “happy hours” to get cheap deals.
  32. Choose generic over-the-counter drugs and household items.
  33. Consider getting a pre-paid phone if you don’t use a lot of minutes/data. 

I hope these tips help inspire you to all the wonderful little ways you can save money and live frugally!


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