13 Secret Santa Gifts Under $5

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13 Secret Santa Gifts Under $5

      It never fails, the year you are finally on top of your Christmas list, possibly even coming in on the home stretch of completing your buying extravaganza when along  comes a possible budget buster, the obligatory “Secret Santa” that you got roped into.  The challenge of such exchanges is either not knowing your gift recipient very well or trying to come up with creative ways to gift without looking like a scrooge because you have a budget.  Let me advise that the Dollar Tree is your BEST friend and you might want to frequent your local one often. Beyond that suggestion, follow some of this sage advice and you can come in on the home stretch with Secret Santa gifts that are under $5.

Starbucks $5 gift card

You can totally get a great cup of coffee for under $5 so the sweet sight of the green siren is a welcome gift for anyone, male or female.


Yes, you read that right, everyone needs a flashlight and if you want to be extra creative just add a gift tag about Christmas giving being the light of the world.


No one wants to get wet, grab a cheap dollar store or dollar tree umbrella because we could all use a backup umbrella, right?

Candy filled mug

Not the cheapie, ready made kind, but a cool dollar store mug packed with good brand name chocolate candy- (maybe even full sized bars).

A “2-in-one”

Pick up a roll of quarters and write a post-it note stating that the next two days worth of vending machine runs are on “secret Santa”  This is especially useful if you are doing a secret Santa exchange at the office.

Redbox Gift Certificate

You can give a Redbox gift certificate for 2-3 movies and still have enough left over for a candy bar to print the gift card to.

6 pack of soda

You could always opt for a cute gift tag such as, “May your day be Merry & Sprite.”

Fun Socks

Back to that Dollar Tree suggestion…yep you guessed it.  You could afford 4 pairs!

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Every coffee lover would be pleased and since they are a “gourmet” item, extra bonus points!

An Adult Coloring book

No, I don’t mean adult as in X-rated, just one of those cool design form or mosaic style ones that we secretly all covet.

Ice scraper

If you can find the kind with a glove attached for those blustery mornings, all the better.

Gift cards that can be useful at a $5 amount



Tim Hortons


Big Lots

Grocery Store


Especially if you can find one kind of fun or snarky.

You see, you can jazz up even the simplest of things in order to make your secret Santa gift exchange a success.  All the better if you can incorporate some homemade goodies into the mix.  Now head to your local store of all things bargain and load up so you can be set for the entirety of the Secret Santa Gift exchange (on a budget).

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