12 Humorous Father’s Day Cards from Etsy!


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12 Humorous Father’s Day Cards from Etsy!

Father’s Day is a great time to tell Dad just how you feel. When you don’t have the words yourself, you can turn to the wonderfully creative people over on Etsy and not be disappointed. Here are 12 ways to tell Dad “Happy Father’s Day” in the least lame way possible. Bonus points for making him laugh!

Great Job, Dad! – Because everyone needs encouragement.

He’s Just the Greatest – Because some dads can be particularly great at this…

Happy 1st Father’s Day! – Because he may need a good reminder of what he’s accomplished.

Put Him on Speed Dial – Because he really can fix it all.

Probably the Cheesiest Card on the List – Because he really likes puns.

I Should Probably Apologize – Because sometimes kids can be difficult.

He’s Always There When You Need Him Most – Because spiders are scary, yo.

He’s Great! – Because he doesn’t mind if you call him your old man.

He’s Always Joking Around – Because dad jokes are the worst and the best.

Dads and Tattoos – Because he cares about future you.

Just Be Honest, Dad – Because sometimes those other kids drive him crazy.

Playing Favorites – Because sometimes he really is your favorite parent!