10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

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10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be pretty expensive. Manufacturers like to take advantage of everyone’s holiday spirit by charging extra for things that are even slightly Christmas themed! For people on a tight budget, that can make Christmas a difficult time of year. If you’re trying not to spend too much this holiday season, you should try these 10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas!

10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

1. Price Match

A wonderful way to save money this Christmas is to price match! More and more stores are allowing price matching, and many will even price match with online competitors like Amazon! Make sure to do a quick search on your smartphone for lower prices before making any big in-store purchases.

2. Use Apps

Money saving shopping apps aren’t just for everyday groceries and necessities! Don’t forget to use your iBotta, Target Cartwheel, and Walmart Savings Catcher apps this holiday season. Use them to save money on Christmas decor, food, and gifts!

3. Reuse Decorations

There are so many cute holiday decorations available in stores! But if you want to save money this Christmas, you should try to reuse the decorations that you already have. Just remember what decorations caught your eye in the stores, and if your budget allows, pick them up in the after-Christmas sales.

4. Don’t Travel

Traveling costs a lot of money, even if you don’t go far. To cut back on your Christmas-related expenses, cut back on your holiday travel. If possible, don’t travel at all. Instead, give faraway friends and family a call or Skype with them on Christmas.

5. Make Homemade Christmas Treats

The cost of store-bought Christmas desserts can quickly add up. On top of that, they’re often full of preservatives and dyes. Save money this Christmas, and make your own yummy homemade desserts!

6. Limit Paid Activities

If you’re trying not to spend too much this Christmas, then you should limit how many paid Christmas activities you and your family participate in. Try to find some free alternatives instead. For example, instead of paying to go to the ice skating rink, maybe there’s a frozen pond nearby that your family could skate on instead! And you can always find fun for free in your own backyard, especially if you have snow!

7. Watch Movies at Home

A family of any size can watch an HD movie streamed from Amazon for just $5. And a lot of great films can be found in DVD bargain bins for just $5 as well. You can’t buy a single movie ticket for that price at most theaters! So save money this Christmas, skip the movie theater, and just watch movies at home!

8. Limit Gifts

A great way to save money this Christmas is to limit how many gifts you give! Instead of showering loved ones with dozens of presents, just give each person one or two truly meaningful gifts.

9. Use Timers on Christmas Lights

Do you know how much energy your Christmas lights use? It’s likely a lot more than you’d expect! To help save money on your electricity bill, set up timers to automatically turn your interior and exterior Christmas lights off when they’re not needed.

10. Keep the Heat Low

If you want to save money this Christmas, then you’ll need to resist the urge to keep your home toasty warm. Instead, keep the heat on lower and wear an extra sweater or jacket. You’ll save a lot on your heating bill, so it’ll be worth it!

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