10 Legit Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards

10 Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards!

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  1. Swag Bucks –  You earn points called ‘Swagbucks’ for doing tasks like,searching the internet, playing games, watching TV and more. These Swagbucks can then be traded in for everything from Cash to electronics and Amazon gift cards!
  2. ♥  Shopkick – Rewards you for shopping—and the great news is that you don’t even have to buy anything! There are three ways to earn kicks on Shopkick: By walking into stores, by scanning product bar codes with your phone, and by making actual purchases.
  3.  InstaGC – The main idea here is to earn points by completing offers and tasks that are provided. There are many different ways to earn points. Find the easiest way to make your points and you’ll get a free instant gift card in no time.
  4. Earning Station – participate in surveys, games, and advertiser’s special offers while earning cash and incentives for your activity.
  5. Opinion Outpost – Opinions Outpost is a survey company know for doing products tests such as Kotex Pads and razors. They pay in many different way and Amazon Gift Cards being one of them.
  6. Harris Poll Online – One of my favorite ways, this helped pay for ALOT of my Christmas this year!
  7. Ibotta – Get rebates from grocery shopping and cash them out into Amazon Gift Cards! This is one of the easiest and most basic ones, and one of the MOST important ones in my opinion, because if you’re ALREADY buying something, there’s no point in NOT getting cash back for it.
  8. 13 Awesome Money Saving Apps – Some of these give the option to pay out with Gift Cards!
  9. Survey Sites – I have a few of my favorites on this list, but check out the top 20 sites I use HERE

Extra BONUS ways that are incredibly easy and pay you for what you’re already doing anyway:

  1. iRazoo – Ok my # 1 reason for using iRazoo is they allow you to earn 3000 points a day watching Tv (which can be on in the background) and that is equal to $5 gift card a day! IF you did that everyday (though not many of us can!) you would be earning $1,825 a year just from this one feature. I LOVE IT!
  2. Receipt Hog – Up load your grocery receipts for points you can trade for Gift Cards.
  3. ♥ Raise Join and use the code aaiello to get $5 off any already discounted Giftcard. Share your own personal referral link with your friends and Family (This is mine – This is how I get all the gift cards for the giveaways every day without breaking the bank!!) and not only do THEY also get a $5 discount, but YOU get a FREE $5 Credit for every person you refer! It ads up and you can get ALL sorts of awesome gift cards!
  4. Ebates This one is perfect for a quick gift card if you know you’re ALREADY going to be shopping online for at least $25. Join and select which kind of Giftcard you’d like, and then click through to whatever store you’re shopping at. Once you make a $25 purchase, not only do you get a percent cash back, but you get a FREE $10 gift card of your choice with your first $25 purchase!!