10 DIY Christmas Pet Gifts!


10 DIY Christmas Pet Gifts!

I’m one of those people who believes in spoiling our pets. Our animal companions bring so much joy to our lives. They are such a gift, in so many ways. So it only seems natural to want to give something back to them, anytime we have the opportunity.

Your animal friends might not know exactly what Christmas is, but they still appreciate getting a new toy or treat. It’s fun to make gifts for them, too. It saves a lot of money over the store bought treats, and often provides an excellent way to recycle some items in the process.

I found some of the cutest pet gifts to include in this set of links. From homemade snacks they can enjoy to adorable toys they will happily adopt, there is a great gift for every fur friend in your life. During the holidays it is nice to remember that pets are people, too!

Dream a Little Bigger – Felt Zombie Cat Toy

Creative Green Living – Personalized Pet Tags

Happiness is Homemade – Homemade Puppy Dog Treats

The Nerd’s Wife – DIY Sharpie Dog Dish

Studio DIY – DIY Emoji Dog Bed

Artsy Fartsy Mama – DIY Dog T-shirt

Dream a Little Bigger – Homemade Cat Scratcher

Andrea’s Notebook – Homemade Water Bottle Dog Toy

Lia Griffith – Felt Pet Stockings

The Cookie Rookie – 3-Ingredient Salmon Cat Treats


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