10 DIY Christmas Mason Jar Gifts!


10 DIY Christmas Mason Jar Gifts!

Every time I see a mason jar, I want to fill it. I used to think about what vegetable or fruit I’d love to have in those jars. Or I’d think about how delicious some nice homemade jam would be. But nowadays, when I see a mason jar, I want to fill it with almost anything imaginable.

I think that everything changed the first time I saw someone make a gift out of a mason jar. It was a mix for soup and the ingredients were layered inside the jar so beautifully, with handmade instructions tied to the jar. I would never have wanted to make that soup, if I’d been the one to receive that gift. It was just so pretty!

These mason jar gifts are all perfect examples of why I love mason jar gifts. I feel inspired to make mason jar gifts for several people this year. I might even make one for myself!

Yellow Bliss Road – Christmas Potpurri Gift

Lil Luna – Pedicure in a Jar

Crafts Unleashed – Santa Mason Jar Gift

Crazy Little Projects – Cookie Mix and Recipe Jars

Shaken Together Life – French Vanilla Hot Cocoa Mix Jar

That’s What Che Said – Manicure in a Jar Gift

I Heart Naptime – Chocolate Chip Muffin Mason Jars

Jader Bomb – Decorative Mason Jar Gift

A Pumpkin and a Princess – Candy Filled Mason Jar Gift

Simply Stacie – DIY Coffee Body Scrub


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