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25 Emoji Crafts & Recipes  25 Emoji Crafts & Recipes

1. Sweet Emoji Sugar Cookies
2. Emoji Pancakes
3. Emoji Rice Krispie Treats
4. Emoji Candy Coated Oreos
5. Emoji Apples
6. Poop Emoji Peeps
7. Emoji Cheesecakes
8. Emoji Cookies
9. Eggo Emojis
10. Easy Emoji Bookmarks DIY
11. Emoji Pumpkins
12. Emoji Salt Dough Beads
13. DIY Emoji Paperclips
14. Duct Tape Emoji Boomarks
15. DIY Emoji Eos
16. DIY Emoji Ornaments
17. DIY Emoji Ormini Emoji Pinata
18. Emoji Birthday Favors For Kids
19. Emoji Fruit Cup Printables
20. Emoji Cardboard Faces
21. Heart Eye Emoji Oreo Pops
22. Poo Emojis
23. Poop Emoji Cupcakes
24. Emoji Slime Kids Party Favors
25. DIY Emoji Pins

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Sharing is Caring!

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